ContainMEnt – Poem

In this blogpost, I write a short experience of social distancing, where I am required (for my own safety) to stay indoors and reduce the amount of contact I have with the the physical outdoors. While this sounds like a great way to rest and explore myself better, I find myself struggling to deal with issues I never would have thought I would have encountered in any other normal year.

I stared outside the window, wondering what

else there is for me. Was there anything

there in the first place?

Is that a flicker out there I see? Is

it a fire fly? The sun? I’ve

lost track of time that I can’t tell which is which.

Is it for me specifically? Does it

expect me to do something? Why

is everything so blurry. Why must we be confined

to the repetitiveness and grey world of the indoors?

And before I know it,

The door window opens and i take a breath of fresh air.

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