May Blog Post

The end of our school is right ahead of us. At the start of June, school will become open again for highschoolers, discounting the seniors. These are probably my final thoughts on E-Learning and the Corona Virus.

In my previous blog posts, I have talked about E-Learning. Because school is coming to an end, there are some points about Elearning that is worth mentioning. Because this is a first for everyone, students and teachers are work through the challenges of learning and teaching at home, which is to say NOT a classroom environment. As a result, there are several instances where students may be distracted by online… distractions. Most teachers were initially unfamiliar with the online environment and situation. Most teachers used a school-based platform named Dragon Exchange, where they are able to post school-materials as well as places were teachers may open submission files for students. While this time may have been frustrating for students and teachers, I believe that everyone involved in the ELearning experience has made it their best to work out. No one was prepared for this scenario, so although I believe that communication was a slight issue, everyone had made the best out of their situation.

Covid-19, the very pandemic that has placed us in this situation, forcing us to social distance and wear masks. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s a virus disease that has spread throughout the entirety of the world, causing an international pandemic. It’s lethal, and spreads through coughs. Many would believe that skipping school for 4 months (since Chinese New Year break, so around the end of January for us) is a blessing. But for first year IB students in their junior year, this is absolutely terrifying. The IB program is currently fixing the entire schedule due to the pandemic. This includes Extended Essays, Individual orals and Internal assessments. Though everyone thoroughly believes that CAS hours will be lighter for our senior year, there is the fear of SAT’s (retakes) or even dreaded college applications. From what I’ve heard from our alumni, the first months of senior year is literally going to be a living hell.

From my honest truth, the school academic program changing is genuinely more terrifying than Covid-19. Given that most of China seems to have stabilized in terms of cases per day, seeing that I still have plenty of IB related work is terrifying.

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