Welcome back to School!

Hello internet! It’s me, your fabulous host writer YinWah Yip. The International School of Beijing has recently swung open its doors to welcome its newest and returning students to their campus. In fact, I’m almost certain that all schools across China has done this, since it was the government that let us open on September 1st! A lot in our school has really changed, whether it be physically or for our schedules! I really believe that ISB has changed for the better.

These 8 months (social distancing and postponing returns to the school campus started during our Chinese new year break) have been especially rough. However, I believe it has led me to see that there is room for growth. One such example would be how to interact with our fellow students and teachers who were either at Beijing or at a different country. This obvious change had a deep impact on our schedules and on our normal daily lives.

For English especially, we were given a task of reading texts online as well as books and essay writing. This was a difficult task mainly due to how tough it was receiving feedback as well as communicating ideas between other students. A benefit that I found while working in a classroom environment was the fact that we could share ideas and further develop them. However, without much communication, such ideas were never presented to the class. However, I did enjoy reading the materials that were given to us. It provided us with necessary information in order to proceed forward as students and understanding different types of literature. A specific example would be Gene Luen Yang’s American born Chinese. For me, I have never analysed a comic book before, so it was refreshing to go over it together in a class.

Looking at the reading materials for the upcoming (or already started) year, 2 books in particular catch my eye. The first being Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and the second being “The Odyssey” by Homer. Though I have read Frankenstein before, the Odyssey is a new piece of literature that I had almost no idea what it was. Though I know its story, I did not know at all that it was a “epic” poem. I think it would be an interesting analysis for our class as it does not sound anything like what Carol Ann Duffy has produced.


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