That one game I have on my phone

Hello Fans! Readers! And… possibly one of the IB proctors visiting my page. Welcome again? Hi!

I want to briefly mention a video game on my phone that I picked up sometime during April. This was mainly to knock out the boredom that I was facing in my life due to quarantine. It’s horrible what quarantine can do to the mind. Sometimes I find myself losing track of time. It may have been April 3rd for one day, but I wouldn’t know and guess May 4th. This brain game that I found helped me become more aware of my surrounding setting. It was quite a lot of fun (and somewhat disappointing) to actually explore my house once in a while. While it is a phone game, the game encourages you to play brain teasers and intellectual based games such as sudoku, chess, mindsweeper and other games for entities with a higher understanding and perception of human behaviour.

With this game, I found myself setting goals, similar to a new years resolution. One of which, was sleeping in all the rooms in my house. Including the guest room and my parents’ room while they are away. I think it allows me to better understand the quality of our living standards.

Anyways, this app is wonderful. It’s called duolingo. You should check it out sometime!

Global mindedness time

Recently, there have been several debates in America regarding politics. The presidential debate and vice presidential debate are high profile events that happened sometime during October. The results have portrayed trump Negatively throughout.

Recently, lots of my friends have begun talking about the debate. Though I don’t present my own opinion (because i don’t have a strong one), I tell them I don’t pay attention to such events. In reality, this is not so far from the truth. From my own perspective, politics in the United States is highly toxic. Currently, because of the belief that Donald Trump is a “bad president”, people are pushing for Joe Biden into office. Primarily, younger people and audiences. I believed I am justified in saying that is toxic. Many people on instagram and other social media sites are pushing that “Not voting is the problem”. While this is true, this antagonizes a group that would prefer to remain neutral. If you are a trump supporter, you are instantly labelled as a racist “White supremacist” hate everything. Voting used to be fine, but now it’s a severe heavy issue that the United States is enduring.

Additionally, the covid-19 has not gotten better. A vaccine for the disease is likely not going to arrive any time soon, even though some country’s and companies claim that they are testing a new test vaccine. It is hard to determine how long global societies and country’s will be dealing with this situation. I’ve recently read that country’s such as Brazil are not getting any better. This can also be found in the USA, where the addition of presidential elections, racism and toxicity make it a terrifying place for foreigners to live.