That one game I have on my phone

Hello Fans! Readers! And… possibly one of the IB proctors visiting my page. Welcome again? Hi!

I want to briefly mention a video game on my phone that I picked up sometime during April. This was mainly to knock out the boredom that I was facing in my life due to quarantine. It’s horrible what quarantine can do to the mind. Sometimes I find myself losing track of time. It may have been April 3rd for one day, but I wouldn’t know and guess May 4th. This brain game that I found helped me become more aware of my surrounding setting. It was quite a lot of fun (and somewhat disappointing) to actually explore my house once in a while. While it is a phone game, the game encourages you to play brain teasers and intellectual based games such as sudoku, chess, mindsweeper and other games for entities with a higher understanding and perception of human behaviour.

With this game, I found myself setting goals, similar to a new years resolution. One of which, was sleeping in all the rooms in my house. Including the guest room and my parents’ room while they are away. I think it allows me to better understand the quality of our living standards.

Anyways, this app is wonderful. It’s called duolingo. You should check it out sometime!

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