The Fan Campaign – A look at Helene Grimaud

This post is dedicated to an analysis of the fan campaign, specifically looking at the promotional video for a pianist named Helene Grimaud. The link can be found here:

One of the first things that stands out in the video is the music. The music being played in the video is from a piano, and is actually soft and soothing. This soothing, relaxing music allows for the viewer to actually relax. It also makes the hotel seem higher class, as grand piano music makes it seem extremely high end and luxurious. To further my point, music such as rock and roll or hip-hop would lose its effect. The music here is not trying to make a appeal to modernist musicians or contemporary music. The target audience is quite specifically NOT people of younger age or don’t appreciate living in a classy hotel. In fact, the specific hotel location and architecture being filmed seems to be more classical and old. It’s not sleek “black and white” rectangles that seem pleasing, but more akin to older designs possibly from the 1700’s to 1900’s. This specific detail would appeal to people who enjoy a more “old-school” styled hotel.

Another appeal is made to the audience regarding a specific hotel location, the London Hyde Park location. Grimaud subtly implies that musicians love the Mandarin Oriental because of its relation to music, and even more specially, the massages that you can get from their masseuse. Similarly, this promotional detail can also be put together with Bandwagon because all of these musicians are using the Mandarin Oriental. She also broadens the scope by mentioning that because their massages are so good, they not apply to “small muscle-workout” musicians, but also to normal athletes as well.

Grimaud’s claims that the staff and their attention to detail and caring nature is her favorite aspect of the Mandarin Oriental. She promotes this by undermining other hotels: “it’s not just a facade of niceness”. From Grimaud, other hotels may be inferior in terms of their service but also makes Mandarin Oriental seem to be a better hotel.


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