Satire, my favorite

Recently, our class has looked to satire, which is a possible area of interest for our upcoming Individual Orals. A majority of the articles that we examined came from “The Onion”, a website completely dedicated to posting satirical content on their webpage. Their content usually consists of current events, making them sound absolutely ludircrous or tell of a humorous alternative to the events that may have actually taken place.

Of all the non-literary texts that we have studied thus far, I have found satirical content to be my favorite. A reason I believe I enjoy it so much is the fact that it makes fun of serious events. While there are certain topics that satirical contents do not touch, I believe there is already enough political events that have happened within the last 2 months to make hundreds if not thousands of satirical content.

I’d also like to bring up that there is quite a strong, fine line between satire and fake news. While satirical news papers is a twisted, horribly funny mirror, some people take that mirror and interpret it as the truth. Satire. Is. Not. Fake. News. A reason I theorized that may make some people believe in satire is as follow:

  1. They don’t read the actual newspaper, only reading the article title and thumbnail
  2. They are just that convincing, which is actually scary

It honestly amazes me with the amount of people that believe in such content. The entire reason behind satirical posts isn’t to spread fake news, but to make fun of or trivialize an important subject or topic. It’s unfortunate to see people believe in the article just by glancing at the article title or image without actually going through the content, which is a large issue that we currently face in society.

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