ISB student finishes December Mock exams – Life drained out of their bodies

An ISB student has recently finished their mock exams for the first time. Consisting of two exams, one for his math and science class, the student claims that they are “stressed” even though they have finished their mocks. Further inquiries were met by hostilities and the student screaming “leave me alone! I want to go home and sleep for the rest of the break”. ISB news reporters were then immediately blocked by security.

Another student had commented on their experience, bemoaning their mock exam. The student displayed signs of LIGMA, a common disease that induces anxiety, self-doubt and stress. Such behavior was not limited to just this one student. Several others displayed similar symptoms of LIGMA. In serious cases, the disease may spread into its second stage called “BOFA”. Such a disease is rare, but can still be found within a population of students who had just completed their Mock examination. While ISB news reporters were unable to make contact with these students during this time, our hearts and mind go out to them and that they make a speedy recovery so that they can return to school in January and prepare for the real exams.

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