Upcoming Chinese New Year break

Currently, we are moving towards the Chinese New Year Break. I would like to provide a couple of updates regarding what has happened in these past few weeks since we have returned from our break.

Currently, most of my classes have some form of assessments planned for our class. For example, I have a math and history summative tests that are coming up this and next week. Although it is stressful, I believe that I should be able to handle these upcoming tests.

Secondly, I have been accepted into one of my colleges. It was an extremely exciting prospect that now, I am at least guaranteed to go to a good university I can sleep comfortable knowing that my future is at least safe.

Lastly, I have finished reading Frankenstein. Now, I will be using Frankenstein as a text to rewrite my HL essay. So far, the line of inquiry that I have come up with is: “How Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein critiques a society that casts women aside as a result of a patriarchal society”.

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