Baron of Botox

Recently, our class has decided to examine the baron of botox, examining the life and death of Dr. Brandt, his lifestyle, patients/clients.

To provide some context, Dr. Fredric Brandt was a health care, skin scare, surgeon that was well known amongst many people within the fashion industry. However, in 2015 he had commited suicide.

The baron of Botox is one of my first experiences with an investigative documentary podcast. Delving deep into the events that possibly had led to his suicide, the documentary makes several interesting connections and insights into his personal life. In my opinion, the content of the podcast provides several details that the media had actually missed out on. I believe that media nowadays focuses too quickly on surface details, such as the case of Dr. Brandt and the spread belief that his suicide was a result of a parody of himself in a show. While this is a possibility, Justine Harman provides an excellent summary and indepth analysis of Dr. Brandt’s life.

Harman implements several interviews that would otherwise make her credibility as an investigator moot. The personal interviews that she makes with individuals associated with Dr. Brandt provides significant leverage for herself, and provides a better understanding to the conditions, lifestyle and the work of Dr. Brandt himself, providing a secondary purpose of the audience being able to better sympathize with the work of Dr. Brandt and the overall perspective that Justine Harman is peddling to the audience.

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