Baron of Botox Analysis, Part 2

As we progress further down the story, we are able to grasp a better understanding of Dr. Brandt’s personal life. Examining a few techniques in episode 7 and 8, we can see how effective the form of presentation as well as the usage of a podcast is to present the story.

In episode 7, the podcast shifts from discussing the perception and changes in the beauty industry and instead focuses much more on his clients – particularly the celebrity Ashlee Simpson. Dr. Brandt was terrified of losing such a client. His interactions are supposed to humanize him and his characteristics with clients – showing him further as a kind person that we can sympathize with (quite effective).

Episode 8:Similar to Episode 7, the discussion shifts and instead focuses much more on the personality and characteristics of Dr. Brandt leading up to his suicide. Similar to the rest of the podcasts, Harman includes different anecdotal evidence as an appeal to the emotions of the audience. We are able to sympathize better with Dr. Brandt’s life and how his suicide takes place in a grander scheme of things.

Each episode has a unique title, all of which draw in the audience audience in different ways, but do not reveal the entirety of the story that is being told into her podcast. This is effective in obtaining a few views.

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