Baron of Botox – Final Analysis

Currently, I have finished the final episode of the Baron of Botox. As we come to a close, I have a better grasp and understanding of the circumstances surrounding his suicide and t

One of the most prominent techniques used in this podcast is the use of interview material to better understand Dr. Brandt’s life as a doctor. The interviews present Dr. Brandt under a primarily positive point of view as he checks up on his patients regularly and cares for them deeply. Additionally, there is discussion of depression and how this emotional behaviour may lead to signs of committing suicide. The addition of the music is a nice touch that brings out more emotion within the discussion of Dr. Brandt’s death and the follow-up with suicide and depression. With “songs” or music primarily being ambient, it provides some form of solitude for the audience as they soak in such morbid (yet helpful) information of depression and suicide.

After listening to this investigative journalism podcast, I am definitely more interested in this representation. I can definitely see myself listening to more in the future as they are a great way to increase my knowledge on specific subjects and to pass the time.

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