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ContainMEnt – Poem

In this blogpost, I write a short experience of social distancing, where I am required (for my own safety) to stay indoors and reduce the amount of contact I have with the the physical outdoors. While this sounds like a great way to rest and explore myself better, I find myself struggling to deal with issues I never would have thought I would have encountered in any other normal year. Continue reading ContainMEnt – Poem

‘Valentine’ Poem

CAD “Valentine” Poem



NOT for the Faint of Heart


I give you an ______.

It’s neither life or death.

The weight of human emotions

shaping the best of us,

worst of us.


It’s dangerous to go alone,

take it.

We move on, one

way or another.

Don’t look back at the

life you leave behind


I am here to remind you.


Giving you the chance

we both know that

you don’t deserve.

What you achieved,

what you haven’t achieved,

what you never will achieve.


Take it, go on.

Words won’t confine you,

not that it mattered anyways.

Go obtain the unobtainable,

surpass the unsurpassable,

achieve the unachievable.

Become something

you never thought was



Monthly Blogpost English Paper 1 Reflection

Just this month, we received a Paper 1 from our teacher. However, I don’t recall if it was a summative or formative test. Given the time gap of being in school, completing this paper 1 was slightly more challenging than previous assessments.

The given topic/subject that we were being assessed on was an article discussing about me too and feminism in our society. It mainly focused a large portion of the article giving a list of consent, and the content was largely directed towards heterosexual males. While the article itself was interesting, I couldn’t help but feel as if it was somewhat off. However, I couldn’t explain it even if i wanted to. As mentioned previously, I did encounter some challenges when working through the entirety of the paper 1. This mainly due to time constraints as well as constant thinking and changing my paper topic and wording. One of the downsides of my completed paper 1 that I turned was that it was done electronically as I had no paper available for use. In all honesty, it was significantly much harder to annotate and type a paper 1 digitally. To put it bluntly, it was annoying.

Although I struggled to complete the paper 1, I am still looking forward to the feedback that my teacher will give. I’m excited to see what I did well and what I can improve on for future tests.



February Blogpost 2

Similar to the previous post, school has been suspended for another indefinite amount of time!

Recently, I’ve picked up a book called “Hyperbole and a half” by Allie Brosh. The book is a combination of silly, entertaining stories along with self-made drawings from Brosh that are so bizzare you’d wonder “Am I really missing out on this?”.  In all honesty, the book is extremely funny. When I was younger, I read plenty of books in the “comedy” genre of literature and never found a moment worth laughing at, which was probably due to the childish nature of those books. Therefore, I was initially hesitant when starting to read the book. Though there is no straight plot, Allie Brosh pictures happenings in her life that are thoroughly entertaining. Although these anecdotes are mostly for comedic purposes, there are also moments where I get to see how someone else takes on the world. A *possible* realistic depiction of depression and sadness. Though I do understand that depression is a complex issue, maintaining and receiving positivity from others is not always a solution. Different individuals have different issues!

I strongly recommend this book. While I’m not sure if this genre appeals to every reader out there, it’s a fun adult adventure that has given a good laugh at every chapter.

The “Problem” with Apu

“The Problem with Apu” Ending Analysis

In his movie documentary, Hari Kondabolu analyzes the “Problems” with Apu and the racial representation and weight that Apu has carried over through the decades.

In the closing monologue, Kondabolu reiterates his point of view on this character. He gives an analogous paragraph comparing “The Simpsons” to a “Racist grandfather”. This analogy illustrates an example for the reader that is easily relatable to a very wide audience. A grandpa (as I’d like to call it) are our elders and that we inherently have a respect for them as they’re crowned the most important (alongside grandmas and children) within a family hierarchy. The implications of having a “Racist grandfather” hits very close to different readers. The addition “Maybe it’s time he dies” also lends to a certain amount of shock value to the audience as they probably won’t expect such a statement.

The second paragraph is a short anecdote that Kondabolu decides to bring out. Featuring his own mother, Kondabolu complains about the living conditions that his family faces “Take that dot off your head” or “why don’t you shut up and make me food?”. Similar to his take on Apu, a younger instance of Kondabolu vents anger towards his mother instead, possibly for being so racially stereotypical in accordance to Apu’s own character flaws. This build possible sympathy for the generation previous to Kondabolu’s such as his parents for the amount of hardships that they faced not only at home, but possibly in the ouside world as well.

November 2019, Socratic Seminar Reflection

“ABC” Socratic Seminar, November 4th.

For this socratic seminar, we were divided into group and each group was given different chapters to focus on. Each group was given a set amount of time to present and share their ideas. Our group was given chapter 4 and 6.

Not surprisingly, every group presented ideas that were both new and surprising to me. It allowed me an amount of insight to how they analysed literary and artistic imagery used in their given chapters. One fact that I found most interesting was group 1’s socratic seminar. One our classmates in this group had prepared extremely well for this occasion and thusly was able to direct the seminar in really academic manner. I believe that all of the groups had civil discussions no one really dominated any conversation.

My group consisted of four people, including myself. I believe that the time we were given leading to our socratic seminar helped prepare us for this seminar. During the presentation, everyone else was extremely respectful to each others’ ideas. We were able to build upon these ideas. Depending on the topic, the conversation was lead by different individuals.

From my own perspective, I’m satisfied with the diversity and amount of notes that I had prepared. One fun fact that I shared to my group-mates before the presentation was a scene of Wei-Chen taking care of the animals. Because we know that he is a monkey, he is able to identify that the monkey in the cage is ACTUALLY a guy. This is a cool detail that I noticed. Overall, I was able to present most of what I had gathered and am happy with the results from our socratic seminar.