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Letter to my beloved wife (blog post #9 along walk to water letter)

Dear my wife,

I have the best news to tell you today, our son has survived the terrible incident 19 years ago! I couldn’t believe my eyes, Salva was now a full grown man, I couldn’t believe that he has been alive this whole time! most of our sons died during the invasion, yet to believe that only two of them survived the disaster. I thought that he had died, even though my people that had loved Salva wanted to sacrifice a cow for him, I kept telling them that my son was still alive. I never doubted myself. Continue reading Letter to my beloved wife (blog post #9 along walk to water letter)

Blog Post #7: Where im from.

Where I’m from


I am from a cozy three-floored house

With each floor with its unique ability of comfort

One is warmly welcoming

Another with a soft feeling with it

the last floor making anyone sleeping instantly in any way you can imagine.


I am from my violin

Starting from slow calming music

Into rapid heart skipping music pieces

Starting with complex fingering positions

To intense furious bowing

From sharp note to a natural note

Starting with a solo then a duet starting a trio from here starting a quartet.


I open my computer

To realize that I had an unknown folder

I double click on that folder

To see pictures of the past

And what might be the future

Could be the past.



Yin Wah Yip










Post #6: Our Archaeology Essential Questions

How do archaeologists study the past?

People, historians and archaeologists study the past, but how do they study them all? Well, people usually study objects called artifacts, its hard to find an artifacts, it is usually found in lost cities. There would be jars and vases that people would usually leave behind from the past. Archaeologists would  usually use the 5 W’s to ask question, they will (compare) this new artifact with other artifacts and see if there would be a slight clue to the culture. Scientists and archaeologists would make conclusions to see if they can get something, and archaelogists ask questions to get an answer.

Archaelogists usually use dating technology to find the age of an artifact, radio carbon-dating, tree-ring dating, written records and potassium dating. when archaeologists study an artifact, they would usually be patient, scrubbing of one part for 1 whole day, it takes a lot of patience to do this job.

but then each day there are artifacts being discovered.



Post #6: Our Archaeology Essential Questions.

Blogs Post #5 PEEL Paragraph Of our Own Opinion

Hey there guys! So I have my opinion on many things, but my opinion on this post is the one I really think that we should have done.

So, many young kids say this, “Hey there! you wanna hang out?” and then the other kid says this “yeah, sure!” You see, these are young kids talking on they’re “phone” these days, young kids these days would just hang out with they’re phones nearly every day! They would just text messaging all day long! But then young kids would always use these short ways to rely on talking for them, like the word “lol,#(hashtag), selfie, faces (:P :O 🙁  🙂   )” I think that young kids that use these kind of vocabulary can actually ruin it. Young kids will just know how to use short cuts on text messaging in this world!

Old people would just say “back then when I was young, we didn’t even have phones like these, I mean. Look at it! It’s a touch screen! When I was young, I didn’t even have a phone! Look at my grandchildren nowadays, they all have they’re own phone, whenever I call them they just reply” sorry pops, gtg, hashtag lol.” and then they would just hang up!”

See, this is why more mature people don’t really want they’re children or grand children to go get there own phone. They just stay on their phone all day, texting weird messages through something called the “internet” even though I use it today. Young people, even younger then me, already spoil there eyes just by playing a phone or text messaging all day. So please, don’t get a phone until you are 18 years old. Young kids in my school have already had a phone, They text message all day, hashtaging, lolling around like a young fool. People don’t have all day doing this, there’s something called having a “life” if you haven’t heard of it.

So don’t get a phone until you are 18.


Blog post #4 Book: Stick Man Oddysey

Hey guys! I read this new book called Stick Man Oddysey, I just finished the book because it was a comic book, but I enjoyed it alot!

SO what I think about the character named “Zozimos”, I think that Zozimos gets to angry to fast! My point is that he should calm down, he gets angrily to easy because of his friends not doing what he wants to do and not agreeing to what his plan is. He was about to go on a quest with his friends to find the golden feather, he got a crew to go with him, and then he went on the journey, half way through the journey. Zozimos gets in trouble, and then Zozimos just got angry at the problem and just angered it out! Everytime his friends have a plan, Zozimos would just disagree with it and think of his own plan, his friends keep telling him to calm down but then he justs keep getting mad at them while they were trying to calm him down.

Thanks for listening.

Blog Post #3, Isolated Space, Genre: Horror Story

hi! this my story that I have been working on. it won’t make any sense much because it’s mostly in the middle.

11:20 Napalmer loading dock

“So there’s actually an alien thingy on board?”   “Yes, I have seen people get… well killed by this “alien”. It has teeth as sharp as daggers, hands like blades talons like spears.”  “Well, captain. What do you expect us to do?”

“I expect you all to come back to the Nonstromo right now. I will not risk a rescue squad to be killed on the field, especially the new one. Thomas, if I’m correct.”

The squad leader made an instantly reply “Captain, if I may, it is-“ The captain cut him off

“no, to have my people die just to rescue some people. No, that is not going to happen, captain out.” The squad leader just sighed, “alright people, let’s pack up here and go.” The squad leader was heading out for the exit. “well this was a disappointment, I wanted to see if we can find anything for antiques.” Said a squad member. Just as a Thomas and the rescue team headed for the door. They heard a loud scream behind them.