Blog Post #3, Isolated Space, Genre: Horror Story

hi! this my story that I have been working on. it won’t make any sense much because it’s mostly in the middle.

11:20 Napalmer loading dock

“So there’s actually an alien thingy on board?”   “Yes, I have seen people get… well killed by this “alien”. It has teeth as sharp as daggers, hands like blades talons like spears.”  “Well, captain. What do you expect us to do?”

“I expect you all to come back to the Nonstromo right now. I will not risk a rescue squad to be killed on the field, especially the new one. Thomas, if I’m correct.”

The squad leader made an instantly reply “Captain, if I may, it is-“ The captain cut him off

“no, to have my people die just to rescue some people. No, that is not going to happen, captain out.” The squad leader just sighed, “alright people, let’s pack up here and go.” The squad leader was heading out for the exit. “well this was a disappointment, I wanted to see if we can find anything for antiques.” Said a squad member. Just as a Thomas and the rescue team headed for the door. They heard a loud scream behind them.

A bit about myself

Hi there! My name YinWah, I love to have fun alot. I like to have fun with friends (sports, cooking, video games etc.) my favorite hobbies are are to play video games, mostly a game like minecraft but add blasters into it. I also like to read books, mostly just fantasy books, fiction books and adventure books. My best friends are Austin, Andrew and Dev. I like to eat fried rice, steak, noodles, jiao zi and sometimes candies. I like to call my self the derpinator. I swim.

I came to live in Beijing, it’s already been 5 years since I moved here (2010), I was born in Hong Kong and have lived there for 7 years already! My favorite animal is possibly a human being (what? their mammals aren’t they?), my favorite color is green,blue and orange. my favorite school subject is probably P.E, Humanities and orchestra (violin and band) what I hate most is screeching sounds from a chalk board, and people that make up lies about me (like my sister).


Just another school blog :D

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