Highschool student tries to write satire – Fails horribly and gives in the process

On December 15th 2020, highschool senior “Yin Wah Yip” attempted to write his own satirical post.

“I thought it would be a fun change every once in a while” said Yin Wah in an interview with one of our reporters. “I never knew that it would be so challenging to come up with unrealistic thoughts in my head”. This shocking news came weeks after writing about how he “loved” satire on one of his blogposts. Yin Wah could not come up with a satirical post despite saying he loved satire.

After scratching his head for 20 minutes and walking around his bed for another 10, Yin Wah had decidedly quit writing satire as a whole. When asked his reasons why, he commented: “I got better things to do”, and then proceeded to sit at his desk and play video games for the entirety of the week.

However, this isn’t just limited to Yin Wah himself. All of the students at his school have shown similar patterns of behavior. Some of which kept muttering to themselves “mocks mocks mocks mocks” while playing video games or reading a book. We here at H.O.M.E. news station sent a request to interview these students, but were due to the continuation of the  COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred however, our reporter Danceter McGee snuck onto their campus. However, he was caught and tried for stealing stationaries from the school’s supply rooms.


Satire, my favorite

Recently, our class has looked to satire, which is a possible area of interest for our upcoming Individual Orals. A majority of the articles that we examined came from “The Onion”, a website completely dedicated to posting satirical content on their webpage. Their content usually consists of current events, making them sound absolutely ludircrous or tell of a humorous alternative to the events that may have actually taken place.

Of all the non-literary texts that we have studied thus far, I have found satirical content to be my favorite. A reason I believe I enjoy it so much is the fact that it makes fun of serious events. While there are certain topics that satirical contents do not touch, I believe there is already enough political events that have happened within the last 2 months to make hundreds if not thousands of satirical content.

I’d also like to bring up that there is quite a strong, fine line between satire and fake news. While satirical news papers is a twisted, horribly funny mirror, some people take that mirror and interpret it as the truth. Satire. Is. Not. Fake. News. A reason I theorized that may make some people believe in satire is as follow:

  1. They don’t read the actual newspaper, only reading the article title and thumbnail
  2. They are just that convincing, which is actually scary

It honestly amazes me with the amount of people that believe in such content. The entire reason behind satirical posts isn’t to spread fake news, but to make fun of or trivialize an important subject or topic. It’s unfortunate to see people believe in the article just by glancing at the article title or image without actually going through the content, which is a large issue that we currently face in society.

The Fan Campaign – A look at Helene Grimaud

This post is dedicated to an analysis of the fan campaign, specifically looking at the promotional video for a pianist named Helene Grimaud. The link can be found here: https://www.mandarinoriental.com/celebrity-fans/helene-grimaud

One of the first things that stands out in the video is the music. The music being played in the video is from a piano, and is actually soft and soothing. This soothing, relaxing music allows for the viewer to actually relax. It also makes the hotel seem higher class, as grand piano music makes it seem extremely high end and luxurious. To further my point, music such as rock and roll or hip-hop would lose its effect. The music here is not trying to make a appeal to modernist musicians or contemporary music. The target audience is quite specifically NOT people of younger age or don’t appreciate living in a classy hotel. In fact, the specific hotel location and architecture being filmed seems to be more classical and old. It’s not sleek “black and white” rectangles that seem pleasing, but more akin to older designs possibly from the 1700’s to 1900’s. This specific detail would appeal to people who enjoy a more “old-school” styled hotel.

Another appeal is made to the audience regarding a specific hotel location, the London Hyde Park location. Grimaud subtly implies that musicians love the Mandarin Oriental because of its relation to music, and even more specially, the massages that you can get from their masseuse. Similarly, this promotional detail can also be put together with Bandwagon because all of these musicians are using the Mandarin Oriental. She also broadens the scope by mentioning that because their massages are so good, they not apply to “small muscle-workout” musicians, but also to normal athletes as well.

Grimaud’s claims that the staff and their attention to detail and caring nature is her favorite aspect of the Mandarin Oriental. She promotes this by undermining other hotels: “it’s not just a facade of niceness”. From Grimaud, other hotels may be inferior in terms of their service but also makes Mandarin Oriental seem to be a better hotel.


That one game I have on my phone

Hello Fans! Readers! And… possibly one of the IB proctors visiting my page. Welcome again? Hi!

I want to briefly mention a video game on my phone that I picked up sometime during April. This was mainly to knock out the boredom that I was facing in my life due to quarantine. It’s horrible what quarantine can do to the mind. Sometimes I find myself losing track of time. It may have been April 3rd for one day, but I wouldn’t know and guess May 4th. This brain game that I found helped me become more aware of my surrounding setting. It was quite a lot of fun (and somewhat disappointing) to actually explore my house once in a while. While it is a phone game, the game encourages you to play brain teasers and intellectual based games such as sudoku, chess, mindsweeper and other games for entities with a higher understanding and perception of human behaviour.

With this game, I found myself setting goals, similar to a new years resolution. One of which, was sleeping in all the rooms in my house. Including the guest room and my parents’ room while they are away. I think it allows me to better understand the quality of our living standards.

Anyways, this app is wonderful. It’s called duolingo. You should check it out sometime!

Global mindedness time

Recently, there have been several debates in America regarding politics. The presidential debate and vice presidential debate are high profile events that happened sometime during October. The results have portrayed trump Negatively throughout.

Recently, lots of my friends have begun talking about the debate. Though I don’t present my own opinion (because i don’t have a strong one), I tell them I don’t pay attention to such events. In reality, this is not so far from the truth. From my own perspective, politics in the United States is highly toxic. Currently, because of the belief that Donald Trump is a “bad president”, people are pushing for Joe Biden into office. Primarily, younger people and audiences. I believed I am justified in saying that is toxic. Many people on instagram and other social media sites are pushing that “Not voting is the problem”. While this is true, this antagonizes a group that would prefer to remain neutral. If you are a trump supporter, you are instantly labelled as a racist “White supremacist” hate everything. Voting used to be fine, but now it’s a severe heavy issue that the United States is enduring.

Additionally, the covid-19 has not gotten better. A vaccine for the disease is likely not going to arrive any time soon, even though some country’s and companies claim that they are testing a new test vaccine. It is hard to determine how long global societies and country’s will be dealing with this situation. I’ve recently read that country’s such as Brazil are not getting any better. This can also be found in the USA, where the addition of presidential elections, racism and toxicity make it a terrifying place for foreigners to live.

Welcome back to School!

Hello internet! It’s me, your fabulous host writer YinWah Yip. The International School of Beijing has recently swung open its doors to welcome its newest and returning students to their campus. In fact, I’m almost certain that all schools across China has done this, since it was the government that let us open on September 1st! A lot in our school has really changed, whether it be physically or for our schedules! I really believe that ISB has changed for the better.

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The Thing Around Your Neck

The Thing Around your neck is a short story written in the 2nd perspective. It details a possible real life story of the author, using a 2nd perspective to make it so that the reader feels as if they were actually in their position. This could include decision making, thoughts and memories across her encounters.

Throughout the short story, the author details the events of her life that she has experienced in America. Particularly, the first phases of realising the differences between your native country and a global superpower. For example, in this short story, young impressionable African females are sent to America and tag alongside a… [distant] relative. However, from the short story, it seems as if all things are too good to be true. The author’s uncle would go on to abuse his power over the author, inciting her to leave. Eventually the author would move on with her life and experience an American life and enter a relationship with an American.

One of main global issues that is focused on is stereotyping. As detailed in the book, the primary issue that the author and many US-African migrants is stereotyping. In America, many white-Americans have a belief of something similar to a Poor-African demographic. Africans are considered to be poor, come from a destitute country or probably have a outbreak of malaria every other week. This is generally considered to be a stereotype or generalisation over an entire continents population. The story is set to take aim at these stereotypes in an attempt to make the reader feel guilty, given if they actually held these beliefs about all African people.


May Blog Post

The end of our school is right ahead of us. At the start of June, school will become open again for highschoolers, discounting the seniors. These are probably my final thoughts on E-Learning and the Corona Virus.

In my previous blog posts, I have talked about E-Learning. Because school is coming to an end, there are some points about Elearning that is worth mentioning. Because this is a first for everyone, students and teachers are work through the challenges of learning and teaching at home, which is to say NOT a classroom environment. As a result, there are several instances where students may be distracted by online… distractions. Most teachers were initially unfamiliar with the online environment and situation. Most teachers used a school-based platform named Dragon Exchange, where they are able to post school-materials as well as places were teachers may open submission files for students. While this time may have been frustrating for students and teachers, I believe that everyone involved in the ELearning experience has made it their best to work out. No one was prepared for this scenario, so although I believe that communication was a slight issue, everyone had made the best out of their situation.

Covid-19, the very pandemic that has placed us in this situation, forcing us to social distance and wear masks. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s a virus disease that has spread throughout the entirety of the world, causing an international pandemic. It’s lethal, and spreads through coughs. Many would believe that skipping school for 4 months (since Chinese New Year break, so around the end of January for us) is a blessing. But for first year IB students in their junior year, this is absolutely terrifying. The IB program is currently fixing the entire schedule due to the pandemic. This includes Extended Essays, Individual orals and Internal assessments. Though everyone thoroughly believes that CAS hours will be lighter for our senior year, there is the fear of SAT’s (retakes) or even dreaded college applications. From what I’ve heard from our alumni, the first months of senior year is literally going to be a living hell.

From my honest truth, the school academic program changing is genuinely more terrifying than Covid-19. Given that most of China seems to have stabilized in terms of cases per day, seeing that I still have plenty of IB related work is terrifying.

Short Review of Wonder Woman (2017)

I’ve recently re-watched a film called “Wonder Woman”, which was released 3 years ago in 2017. One my first watch through, I remember having a blast, enjoying the action and story. However, I’ve recently decided to rewatch the movie. As a student taking the IB’s HL history class, I’ll be focusing on historical aspects of the movie.

The movie is set in the World War 1 era. We can assume that the period the film is set in is somewhere near the end of World War 1, let’s say about 1918, since wonder woman had somehow miraculously ended the war. To provide some summary of the movie, Wonder Woman gets dragged into the conflict, decidedly supporting the Entente (French, British and Russia) in their fight against Germany. What disturbed me about how the film was how Nazi-Esque German soldiers were portrayed in the film. Before we begin, let’s establish some facts:

1. Ludendorf was a general, but there was also the German emperor named Wilhelm the 2nd, who was completely sidelined to portray Ludendorf as the primary antagonist (Note that Ludendorf actually attained more influence than the emperor during the time)

2. Trench warfare is horrible.

Atrocious doesn’t even begin to describe the frontlines of World War 1 – trenches. Trench Warfare resulted in a majority stalemate in the Eastern front, neither side being able to gain a significant advantage over the other. Men would face machine guns, mortar fire, poison gas, suffer from terrible diseases and practically low/diminishing supplies. Men were conscripted into the war on both sides, especially those from the UK and Germany.

n a scene where Wonder Woman first arrives to the trenches, the film shows that the men on the Ententes’ side have suffered. They don’t even bother to portray the other side! Taking to the battlefield, Wonder Woman completely crushes the opposition and seems to cut through her enemies like butter. Young men who were forced into conscription was a common practice in the during this time period.  Historically speaking, no side had it better than the other, until of course, America joined the war and Germany practically capitulated due to lack of resources for the warfront. I don’t know where i’m going with this.

The ending of the movie while not directly related to history, still bothers me. Throughout the film, Wonder Woman is led to believe that killing Ares will stop the war. Which she does, and World War 1 magically ends. What? This disturbed and angered me slightly. Killing a single person will all of this conflict. I find this to be insulting as the end of the war is complicated. This ending trivialises the horrors of war that millions of men, disregarding nationality, fought and died for. Not to mention how the Treaty of Versailles essentially breaks Germany down even further.

I’m not a film critic. I can’t review films well. Wonder Woman is a fun action film that captures a wonderful protagonist. Everything looks wonderful at first glance, but if you have a stronger understanding of history, everything feels wrong. This is a historical view of “Wonder Woman” and World War 1 and I hope it provided a new perspective when watching this film.

Just another school blog :D

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