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Blog post #4 Book: Stick Man Oddysey

Hey guys! I read this new book called Stick Man Oddysey, I just finished the book because it was a comic book, but I enjoyed it alot!

SO what I think about the character named “Zozimos”, I think that Zozimos gets to angry to fast! My point is that he should calm down, he gets angrily to easy because of his friends not doing what he wants to do and not agreeing to what his plan is. He was about to go on a quest with his friends to find the golden feather, he got a crew to go with him, and then he went on the journey, half way through the journey. Zozimos gets in trouble, and then Zozimos just got angry at the problem and just angered it out! Everytime his friends have a plan, Zozimos would just disagree with it and think of his own plan, his friends keep telling him to calm down but then he justs keep getting mad at them while they were trying to calm him down.

Thanks for listening.