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David Ning

Mr. Herzberg




My play is called A Raisin in the Sun, this book is about a family received a huge amount of money due to the death of Lena (Mama)’s husband. That money is a lot to the Younger family. But each individual has their own idea of how they should spend it. Argument leads to conflict, conflict leads to separation, but through personal growth and understanding each other, separation turns to reunite.

For my project, I decided to make a dollar bill with each character’s face on the dollar bill, the quotes around the dollar has two categories, one is the dream and the other is the reality. I made quotes that represent the dream on one side and quotes that represent reality on the other side. Them quotes represent the internal feeling of each character.

The reason why I decided to create dollar bill is that the money is involved throughout the story, it is one of the key elements that the story orbit around with, also fit the value of that period of time when people only care about money. I have four 100-dollar bills, each stands for Beneatha, Ruth, Walter, and Mama. Thus this project is a very new idea to me and I think I handled it pretty well, so I think is a good project.


David Ning

Mr. Herzberg



Introduction: My writing is about childhood memory and how life can change one’s life plus friendship, from together all the time to never see each other again.

The Canal in the Garden

Lying flat staring at the sky in the garden of my new house far away from my childhood,

stars were shining, as it twinkles its eyes, I can see the stories of the sky, full of wonder and

hope, as the moon comes up, the stars are not alone anymore. It has a friend who sometimes come late, but never disappear. The sky always looks alone if there’s no moon, just like a fence, who needs a stake. I often wonder, since when I left my own sky, where is the moon in my sky. After a while, childhood came towards me, not far away anymore.

I had a friend whose name is Roger, we are like shadows and people, always together, never apart. He lives next door of mine, we often hang out together and do stuff that was considered as crazy by adults. “hei, qü wan a!” That means hi let’s go play, we often hang around after school in our backyard, his backyard is a mess, there are grass growing anywhere and bugs, so we always hangout in my backyard, in some occasion, we will go to his yard to explore the “wilderness”. There was one day when we get back from school.

“Hey, did you see the document film of the great canal that the emperor of sui built, it was massive, and it helped so much, it helped the transportation and the economic growth in the region! We gotta do something like that!”

“Tai bang le! How about in my garden?” I asked.

After the short conversation, we get to work, shovels, rulers, fake blueprint on our textbook covers, I bet my dad would kill me if he sees this wonderful design on my ugly math textbook, but hey, calculation and blueprint is kind of like math, right? Oh, forget to tell you, before the decision, my mother called a gardener to make the land healthy enough to plant fruit or vegetables there. But we didn’t know, after the garden looks healthy, it was ruined by us again. We spilt the garden into six section, three for fruit and three for vegetable, in-between those line, we organized the canal. The first time we didn’t do much, just drew some line in the dirt and then gathered the stuff. Still, my mom doesn’t know about the plan yet, I am going to give her a surprise.

The school ended with a buzz of justice, we rush out of the school, race towards our bike, rush the way home. “Hey! Slow down, no riding bicycle in school do you hear me?” The guard yelled at us, but we ignored, the only thing that I can think of is the canal, and how is going to be useful, we didn’t even talk about the final exam that we took today and that will be the last exam of our elementary school life. On the way home. The sky seems to have its own idea, when we finished dinner, we rolled our sleeves and put on a five RMB farmer hat, we go to work, by the time I open the garden’s door, the wind is blowing and the rain is pouring so hard, but we are so obsessed with the canal project that we rush out and dig, the mud is all over my pants, some on my face too, Roger is shorter than me, so his face is so covered in mud that it makes him look like a dark potato, as I dig into the dirt, I feel a hand behind me, it pulls me, strongly. Looking back using peripheral vision, I can see the anxiety and the anger on my father’s face at the same time.

“What were you thinking, you can get a heavy cold, then you will miss school! Also, you will feel terrible. By the way, what are you guys doing? Digging treasures?”

“No sir, we are just building a canal to help the plants to grow and receive water.” Roger said. “And, we are not going to school anymore because we finished the final elementary school exam.” I added on.

“I’m fine with building a canal in my garden, but make sure you are safe, in this kind of weather condition, please have a rest.”

For some reason, my father seems to ignore the word that I said. Few day past, on a cloudy with no sun day, my dad said to me “great news, we are going to move into downtown, well done on your exam, a great middle school accept your application and is willing to give you an offer.”

“What about our house? The canal?” I cried, I can’t think of leaving my friends so soon, the reality is very painful, I kept thinking of the good time we had, the invention we built, the dirt gun we made to shoot at the window of neighbors.

“But dear, nothing is more important than having a better education, right? You know that don’t you? Also, although we are leaving, it doesn’t mean we are not coming back, you can come back when you have time.”

That night, the stars was covered by the raincloud, I can’t see the star or the moon, the rain just kept pouring and pouring, never stop.

The month went by very fast, we made a little progress on the canal, from the second floor, I can see the canal, but the canal itself is not deep enough to hold a lot of water. That is the last time I see the canal, on a cloudy morning of Sunday, I left the place that I spend most of my childhood, leaving my friend behind, and the canal.

Due to the school’s heavy homework and pressure, I didn’t get back to that place for a long time. One spring break, I went back to the place that was full of memories and story. I look through the fences that were originally there, the scar on the ground can be seen, it was the canal, but now it is filled with dirt, I was surprised that at least I can see the leftover of the canal, beside the canal, in the six section of plant, there were nothing, but grass and trash came from nowhere. I felt the pain in my heart. Did I tell you about Roger left China and went study abroad? Yeah, he left, I haven’t seen him since the day I left. Which is three years ago. I hope he still remembers the canal we build together and the good time we had. Hope his future road will be smooth even if it is full of thorns, that is a saying in Chinese which means that hope he can overcome the challenges in life.


In my personal narrative, there are mainly two person me and Roger. Roger was my best friend and he moved abroad for education. The overall concept of my personal narrative is that at the beginning, I always hang out with him and we would make stuff according to our imagination, but later on after we finished the elementary school final exam, we went on in our own life, I went study in downtown and he left China. This personal narrative is for my friend who I never see again after the parting. For example, in the end I said I can see the scar on the ground, and that was the canal, it means that the friendship we had was filled by time, the childhood memory is unclear, and I am never going back to that time ever.

In the story, the characterization for myself is a curious and adventure person, I like to build and dream about stuff, also I am obsessed with things that I do, that’s why I ran into the pouring rain to make the canal. I used a lot of dialogue to make the story more alive and the language I used there sounds like a child from 6thgrade. The story contains two sentences in Chinese, I used that because it makes the story more real and more interesting with the use of Chinese language. The conflict would be the time against the friendship, which also related to the Chinese exam system of after the final exam, everything refreshes including friends, and what I can do after that is to hope the best for my friend. In the beginning I use the night sky’s star and moon as a symbol to represent friendship. Overall the theme is the friendship in my childhood.