How I Changed My Culture

“No please, not again!” I pleaded to my father, awaiting another lecture from the head of our household. He continued to scold me. His face was red and his fists were tight. H was wearing his black suit and a deep red tie. He was wearing fancy clothes because he had just got back from an interview with one of his employees. He ran a sushi restaurant of his own. He was very good at making sushi. He taught me when I was young and I made it for my family so many times and they loved it when I made sushi. But my dad didn’t want me making it in front of other people.

“Dad, I want to get a job as a sushi chef. It’s my passion. I love sushi and why can’t I be part of that tradition? I want to be a pioneer, not just a regular worker or mother.. I want to raise a family of my own. Own my own terms.” I argued, even begged.

“No!” he replied sternly. “You are not going to break tradition and take the job of a man and embarrass the family.”

I could feel my face heating up, my heart beating all the way into my ears. “Fine!” I screamed. “I will get job without your help! Even if it is a job for a man!” I remember that argument so well because it has kept me going for all these years.


My name is Yuki Chuidui. I am 21 years old. I have short black hair. I am short, well I always kind of been short. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I love Tokyo it is where I was born and where I have lived my whole life. I like Tokyo because of the feeling I get when I’m there in the core of the city. I can look around and see a lot of little shops with glowing signs. And when I look up I see skyscrapers with bright neon billboards. Everywhere I look there are people walking around or eating. I feel like I fit in more than I ever have. Because Tokyo is my home, home is where the heart is. Anyway it’s also been really hard for me recently because I want enough money to raise a family of my own. And the best way to do that would be to get a job. All the jobs that I want are jobs for men. One job I especially want is to make sushi in a restaurant. I don’t know what to do about it. It is traditional for men to be sushi chefs because they are bold and stern. And women are not normally stern and bold. I know that I am going to have to work hard and persevere. My first step is applying at a sushi restaurant in a small town. Outside of the big city. I am starting with a small town then if I get the job I will go to bigger and better restaurants.


I am wore my best kimono to the interview. It was blue with light pink flowers on it. A kimono is a silk dress that is traditional for Japanese women to wear on formal occasion. I was wearing it to show respect because that is a part of the Japanese culture. Anyway I am so nervous. My hands were all sweaty and my stomach was doing flips during the ride to the restaurant in a taxi. I stumbled in to the office of the man that manages the restaurant. As I entered I softly said, “Hello.”

“Hello,” he said. “My name is Tysoyaki Tamahiko.” He was wearing a kaki colored suit with a white shirt and royal blue tie. His face looked kind but his words were demanding and stern. “And your name?” He asked.

“Yuki Chuidui,” I replied softly. As I looked around the office, he checked some things off of a paper. The office was so neat; there was nothing on the floor or on his desk but the stuff that he needed. The walls were clean and cream white with a gray carpet floor. He kept asking me questions until the time was up. As he was checked a few more things off of the sheet when suddenly he answered,

“No. You will not fit for the job.” I was stunned.

“Why?” I asked politely.

“Well because you can’t change culture. You can not have the job of a man.” He said as if I was a pile of dust on his counter. Just like I had five years ago. I had been turned down because the job I want is for a man. I do not think that it is fair for women to not be able to have a job because it is for a man. My face heated up, boiling from anger.

“Thank you”, I said sweetly as I speedily walked out of the door. I was mad but I always try to be the best that I can be so I tried to stay happy.

I was really disappointed that I did not get the job.


I am feel mad and angry with my country about the rules with gender equality. It makes me feel like I am not as important as all the men out there and that they think that they are better than me. I don’t think that they should be able to boss me around because they think that they are better than me. I am going to show them that we are all equal in power and just because they are men doesn’t mean that they can rule all women. I am going to figure out how to prove that women should have equal rights to men. Even if I change culture and break rules I am going to help make all the jobs that are now only for men be for women too. Just because we are girls doesn’t mean that we cant do what men can. I have decided that I am going to open my own sushi restaurant with my life savings. I am only going to hire women. I haven’t worked out the details but I am working on it. I am going to show men that women can do the same things that men can and they don’t have more power then us..


So I need to get money, and to do that I am going to go to the bank and get a loan.

“Why do you need this money, you know that you have to pay us back right?” The banker asked me. I nodded vigorously,

“I know, I’ll be able to pay you back.” I smiled and thanked the man. I got onto the subway, my friend had told me about a great spot in the center of Tokyo where I could probably open my restaurant. Her brother owns that part of town, and he said that there was empty shop that I could rent out. I couldn’t wait to see it. I got off at a busy subway stop and I walked up the stairs to the surface of the city. There were people everywhere, and I loved it. It felt just like home. I opened up my phone and used the map to find the way to the shop that I was going to use. I was meeting my friend there who had the key.

“Yuki! Over here!” My friend called, apparently I had missed a turn and she was waving like mad across the street. I waved and rushed over; a car actually almost hit me. I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the crosswalk. She pointed to the shop that I would be using,

“Its all yours! Just pay rent every month to me and I’ll give it to my brother.” She handed me the key, “Hey, I have to go to this class, but I might be able to check on you later. Feel free to re-decorate. Bye!” She hurried off. I turned towards the shop, it was great! Well… the location was great. I mean, it was a super busy street surrounded by shopping malls and other restaurants.. All of the windows were boarded up, I used the key and pushed the door open. It creaked, and a spider web fell on my head. Boy did this place need some work.


After about a month of re-decorating, hiring (only women of course) and creating a menu, we were finally ready to open. I couldn’t sleep that night. What would happen if it didn’t work out? I still had to pay back my debt, and I really needed this Sushi Restaurant to be a success. The next morning I put on my uniform and I took the subway to work. When I arrived at my restaurant, all of the employees were there to greet me. We prepared the morning menu, and we turned on the sign. The lights shined out above the early sunrise. After about half an hour of nervous agony, a young kid, and probably about 19 came inside. Our first costumer, and we were determined to impress.


Angel Food Cake is a Good Way to Make Friends

“AAHHHH!” I screamed while falling from the sky. Well to tell you the truth it wasn’t really the sky, even though that would have been way cooler. AAHH! I continued screaming, until. SPLASH! Wait… I should probably tell you how I got in this situation anyway, shouldn’t I? Well it all started a simple Sunday afternoon. We were at a meeting when all of the sudden…

“Hey, I remember you,” stated a random person in the crowd.

My dad turned around like he recognized the voice. He paused for a minute trying to figure out where the voice had come from. Then he met the eyes of a man smiling and waving at him.

The man was short, maybe five feet or so. Stalky and kind of fat, but over all, he looked nice. It took my dad another minute or two to remember who he was. Then his face lit up like he had finally figured out who he was. After he had he went over to him without explaining and said, “Hi, how is it going long time no see.” After my dad and him had started another conversation, I quietly asked my mom “Who is that man that dad is talking to?” She did not answer then dragged us all over there and had a long boring conversation with the mans wife.

In my head I was thinking, who is that guy? What does he want? And why are we still here? I want to leave so bad. I waited patiently for what seemed like hours, and then I silently walked up to my mom and begged her to go home. Not convinced she turned around her black hair whipping me in the face. Feeling sad and angry because my plan had failed so badly. Then I tried again … sadly I found myself back on the couch waiting for what probably was 30 minutes but it felt like nine long hours. Right when I had finished my final and best plan so we could go home. My mom stood up and walked out the door.

“Hey, we have our own place, why don’t you guys come over for desert one of these days?” Dad said. What? We had just met these people and now we are having them over for desert? It could be good, could be bad, who knows.

“That sounds great! How about tomorrow night?” The man asked, also by then I was pretty sure his name was Darin. As Dad said goodbye to Darin we walked out the door and got into the car.

The next day we didn’t really do much, cause ya know, its vacation! Anyway after dinner, I kinda just waited around for them to show up. Apparently they were going to catch scorpions with us. I was both exited and freaked out about this.

“Ding dong,” The doorbell rang. One of my brothers rushed to open the door. I sat on the couch pretending to watch TV, but the TV wasn’t on… so I looked like a crazy person that had just got out of the mental hospital. That’s what my sister said at least. As soon as the door opened I heard tons of blabbing, and in paraded a bunch of lunatics. I was scared! Just kidding, but there were a bunch of boys, which is usually not a good sign. There were four boys… no wait the last one was a girl. Yeah that’s right. Their names were Tyler who was thirteen, Rob was eleven, Hatchet was seven and Mazy was five. The boys were all crazy and weird looking but they were nice… Except for one he just stared a people. And the little girl was just a weirdo! Because when she came in our house she ran around screaming “Scorpion!” Tyler showed us their equipment for catching poisonous scorpions; it was a pair of tweezers, a black light and an empty pickle jar. Apparently these guys were pro. The two oldest boys walked into our yard, and used the black light to look for scorpions. In case you didn’t know scorpions glow neon green when you shine a black light on them.

“See there one is!” The Tyler boy yelled, his brother pointed it out to us. I squirmed; it was right where I was playing catch with my sister earlier. Yikes. My sister backed away. It looked like Rob was about to pick it up.

“I don’t know if that’s such a great idea…” I recommended. He didn’t listen however. They picked the terrified monster up and put it into the pickle jar. The one that I had just eaten pickles out of… that’s sick. After about 15 minutes we managed to find about seven scorpions.

“Usually you just shake up the jar until they all die, sometimes we drown them…” The Hatchet explained.

“KILL THEM!” Mazy screamed from behind us, and because she was only like five years old her mom came up and grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall into the pool. I raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, she’s a weird one.” Her brother murmured behind his little sisters back. I nodded slowly as I watched her mother struggle with her.

“Anyway, we should burn them.” Hatchet the littlest boy yelled through a evil grin. He grabbed some matches out of his pocket.

“He’s a pyromaniac!” My sister whispered to me. More like yelled in my ear, but same difference. Hatchet looked alarmed as we stared at him,

“Hey wait a second! I heard that! I just asked your dad for these a couple of minutes ago! I don’t just carry around matches!” He hollered defensively. My sister shrugged,

“You can’t be too careful.” I silently agreed. He lit one of the matches and threw it into the pickle jar where the scorpions were trying to escape. Immediately the smell of burning life filled my nostrils.

“That is disgusting!” I exclaimed as I plugged my nose to block the stench. The boys did not care about the smell. Apparently they do this a lot.

“I have grown immune to the smell, we do this almost every night.” Tyler stated. I looked at him with a weird face. Apparently they do this a lot.

“Hey! A man’s got to have a hobby!” He frowned as he threw another match into the jar.

After a while of catching scorpions and swimming it was time for them to leave.

We said our goodbyes and waved them away about 30 minutes later. It had gone better than I thought. It was weird, but better than I had thought. I held the jar with the scorched scorpions inside. I cringed to think that one could be in my bed. I tossed the jar hand to hand, as my sister pleaded for me to get rid of it. I put the jar by her bedside table that night.

Apparently some time while my dad and Darin were hanging out he got his phone number. Later the next we got a call from them asking if we wanted to come to one of their friend’s pool. I was kinda just expecting a pool kinda like the one we had at our house, maybe a diving board if we were lucky. My dad agreed to his offer. Sadly we were at a shopping mall at the time and had been shopping for almost the whole day. Talk about exhausting.

“Guys we better hurry up and eat dinner if we want to make it to the pool tonight.” My dad instructed, so we decided to shove down some pretzels for dinner. They were amazing. We jumped into the car and drove home. We all hurried to get our swimsuits on and put some clothing over top. That was when my mom decided it was a good idea to bring desert for them. AGAIN. However, desert for them meant desert for me. So all right. We bought this angel food cake at Costco and made some homemade whipped cream and berries. It looked amazing.

“I want some…” my little brother drooled, hypnotized by the amazing smell of the berries. He told me they were calling his name. He reached his hand out, still petrified with glory. My mom snapped him out of it, by slapping his hand.

“Time to go guys!” My other brother screamed and jumped head first into the car. I shrugged and got into the car as well. Pretty soon we were on our way to the pool. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect, these ‘friends’ that our friends had, were gone on vacation, so we could use their pool. Sweet. Anyway I made a picture of the pool in my mind, a diving board, and maybe a hose that we could spray people with. Oh, and the pool was deep. I didn’t raise my expectations too high; I wasn’t going to be disappointed. We pulled into a fancy neighborhood; surprised I pressed my hands against the glass to get a better look. It was dark outside, so it was hard to see. We stopped in a parking lot.

“Whoa, that’s one big driveway.” My sister whispered slowly as she stepped out of the car. I was confused, a driveway? As I stepped out of the car I could clearly see that the thing I thought was a parking lot, was actually a gigantic driveway.

“Holy crap!” I said shocked as I looked at the house that it lead to. It was crazy. There was a huge gate on the other side of the house where somebody was frantically waving their arms to get our attention.

“OVER HEEEEERE! THE POOOOL IS OOOVEEER HHHEEEEERRREE!” The person yelled. Super exited I started running across the front lawn of the huge house. I was ecstatic. Followed by the rest of my siblings I ran through the gate leading to the back yard. My jaw dropped. The pool. The lights. Everything! It was amazing! I started breathing super quick, my eyes widened as I saw one of the boys jump off a cliff. An artificial one of course, but it was like 15 feet above the water, it was like a giant diving board made out of rocks. He splashed around as he reached the surface. The pool was huge, different colored lights eliminated the whole pool. I sprang to life and started climbing the rock wall to get to the peak of the mountain (cliffish thing). When I reached the top I could see everything, a slide, a trampoline, and a diving board. This was everything I could of dreamed of. I sighed a happy sigh and jumped.

AAHH! I continued screaming, until. SPLASH! I hit the water and then almost immediately I hit the bottom of the pool. Practically out of breath I sprang up from the bottom to get a breath. I came up gasping for air.

“How was it?” My mom asked, I just smiled and got out of the pool for another round. So I guess that making friends through food is not the best way to make friends but… well at least its not awkward.



Our World’s Water Crisis

Our world is having a major water crisis. Imagine being in the hot weather and not having cold clean water to drink. And having to walk up to eight hours to get water that is not even clean or cold.

Because according to more than 1 billion people are living without clean water. “It is a water crisis because it starts with water.” Mainly young girls, but others too, spend so much time traveling to the nearest lake or pond to collect water. When they get to their water source, the little water that they collect is full of bacteria and mud. “The time they spend getting water is time that the can’t spend learning to read, write, earn an income or take care of their family” So all these young women have to collect water instead of go to school to get an education.

The time these girls spend collecting water is wasted because the water is actually harmful to their bodies. The water is full of dangerous bacteria that will make them and their families sick. According to 90% of the 30,000 deaths that occur every week are from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions. Clean water for these people means less disease and sickness.

They will spend less money on medication. Spending less money on hospitals and medication, will give the community more money to use on building schools and libraries.

But there is solution. Our water crisis is solvable some ways are new like water filters and other ways or old like wells. And to save water we can spend less time in the shower or bath and make sure to turn of the tap once we are done washing your hands. According to 4% of our water is drinkable, 5% is other, 7% is outdoors, 8% washing up, 12% for washing clothes, 13% for showering, 21% for baths and 30% for toilets.

There are ways you can help you can donate to

and help build wells for people to save them from sickness and help them to get an education. After you donate they will build a well and all the young girls that normally travel for water all day will be able to attend school. You can also donate to help build schools and homes for people in places all over the world. You can also read A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

Without Laws Humans will behave badly

I strongly agree that without laws humans will behave badly. First I believe this because already with laws we still have people today not listening to them. For example, people rob banks and stores and that kind of thing all the time. Second f you rob a bank and you don’t get caught, then that gives other people bad ideas too. If that gives ideas to other bad people then they will want to do it too. For example, I we had all the bad people in the world stealing from this one bank because other did it successfully then that would be a big problem. Thirdly, and if people are really smart they wont get caught when doing bad things so they will never be punished. For example if you do something bad your parents will punish you so you won’t want to do that bad thing ever again. Lastly, say the government chose to have no laws they would have not way to control any one or they’re actions. So people would be able to do anything they want anywhere they want whenever they want. In conclusion we need laws to keep everything under control and to make sure chaos doesn’t take over our world. These are the reasons why I believe that without laws humans will behave badly.

Disclamer: This writing piece has only been written in the context of studying a book entitled A Long Walk to Water about the 21-year civil war in Sudan and the refugees crisis that accompanied it.

The Place I am From



I am from old games of lava
With my brothers and sisters
Making sound effects and
Imagining Burning
Lava beneath
The sofa
And when you fell
You would fall into lava
Hotter that a dragons
fiery breath

I am from the rush of
After hearing the cheers
When scoring in a
Tough game of basketball
Happier than a dog after
Getting a treat.

I am from gymnastics
The dizziness after flipping
Off the beam
And the loose strands of my
Whipping my face
a tornado
while doing my
floor routine.

And I am from nervousness in a
Competition then hearing
My score and
Being proud
of myself.

I am from
Loud ,strong
Hearing and feeling
Myself bang a rhythm on the
And my heart beating
along with the rhythm of
the base drum.

I am from painting
My heart on the page
Expressing myself
And letting
Anything I want
An amazing piece of art

I am from the place I love
Because I made it.
I am
My very own place.



In the MineCraft simulation everything is going well. Me and Jane and Arissa are making a super market for people who need food and supplies that they don’t have. I think that it was a good idea to change leaders because the new leaders make different choices than the old leaders which is a good change.

My Top Ten

My top ten things that i liked about the over overnight trip

1. Flashlight tag

2. Sleeping in the dormitories

3. Hiking

4. Free time

5. Games

6. Lunch

7.  Catching tadpoles

8. Making God’s Eye’s

9. Playing Uno and Guess Who

10. Being with my friends the whole time there

I MineCraft

In MineCraft I think that everything is going better because the builders now have something to do. We have to finnish building the new jail and make it a lot stronger so people don’t get out so easily.

Other than that everything is going well.

Jane Goodall

  • as a kid Jane loved animals and wanted to be an animal researcher when she grew up
  • when Jane was older she researched chimpanzees for 45 years
  • she was the founder of roots and shoots
  • she worked a lot on conservation and animal well fair
  • she writes children books
  • she taught hundreds of thousands of people about her research on chimpanzees
  • she discovered the behavior of chimpanzees
  • she researched how much apes were like humans


Has the election of leaders helped during the simulation?

I think that having leaders has helped a lot, because everything would have been out of control otherwise.

Have decisions made about hunting and cooking food been useful?

Yes, because if you are a miner and you are going down in the mines you ned a lot of food to bring so you don’t die.

What about building a watchtower and a jail? Were these good ideas?

I think that the jail was a good idea so no one just did what they wanted. I think that building a watch tower was a waste of time because there is no point for it.

Has working together, rather than going off alone and doing your own thing, been smart?

Yes, because if you need help and there is no one around you who will help you?