I Am From

Where I am From
I am from nerf guns,
simple, painless and  safe firearms,
that will not destroy families.

I am from bb guns,
Realistic & powerful,
but not harmful.

I am from Gears Of War,
Shooting monsters and demons,
with dangerous, make believe weapons.

I am from firearms,
forced out of a dark barrel
by the pull of a trigger.
Slicing through the air
and moving faster than the speed of sound.

I am from animal rights,
having a 100 mile home range
and defending it to the death.

I am from Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Having the strength to bend iron,
and lift more than 400 pounds.

I am from Wild Kratts,
adventuring to places,
you’ll never get to see.

I am from Seekers,
traveling all across Canada.
Slipping on ice,
and jumping on trees.
Solving problems that comes in their way.

I am from a zoologist class,
learning peaceful ways to protect


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