Leaders Are Not Born But Developed Over Time


I strongly disagree that leaders are born not developed over time.  First, no one is born to be some kind of person. For example Jane Goodall did not know about chimpanzees when she was just born or when she was little. She learned about them for a long time and became a leader in animal rights. Secondly, everyone needs practice to be good at something. For example I practice swimming and I would be really bad at it if I did not practice, but I did practice, so I am quite good at it. Lastly, person has to want to be a leader.  Even if you are born with leadership qualities, you have to do something with the qualities.  For example, Salva was not born to lead 1500 people, he was motivated and encouraged become a leader of all those people.Therefore, A leader has to be prepared, and not born.


Disclaimer: This writing piece has only been written in the context of studying a book entitled Long Walk To Water about the 21 year old civil war in Sudan and the refugee crisis that accompanied it.

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