Ignite Make It Reflection 2017-2018

For this Ignite week, we chose communication and collaboration for our L21 skills. We chose to choose Make a Moment for this year’s ignite week. Make a Moment is when we create a video about other projects. We take short clips of them, and stuff it into our own video. On the first day of the week, I came with just a camera and nothing else. I was not very prepared on the first day. By the second day, I came with everything I needed for our project. I brought my camera, my tripod and the questions for interviews. For the entire week, Koo and I had all sorts of minor conflicts. We misunderstood each other’s many times, but then tried to compromise. This week taught me a lot on how to communicate with others and solve problems between people. Our video turned out pretty well, and I was pretty satisfied. I thought that the best part of the video was actually just the music. It was challenging for us to cooperate with the other people from the other projects. Koo and I learned many things related to filmmaking. I learned how to edit and do B-rolls. I also learned a more diverse way of filming such as angling the camera and where to put the subject in the frame. Mr. Moniz also taught me about how to use different filming equipment. Throughout this week, I also got more interested in filmmaking and photography.

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