PE swimming unit reflection.


Our second unit is aquatics. This is not just swimming, it also includes waterloo as well.

My main stroke for the unit was freestyle. I know I improved throughout this unit because of my time. I feel like my time for my 50 meter freestyle changed a lot. Before, my best time during a competition was 35.37 seconds. This time during a casual swim training, I got 34.23 seconds. Now, that might not seem like much, but improving by 1 second is actually a pretty big improvement.

One other change I saw through the two videos was my stroke. My high elbow for the recovery pull is much more consistent. Before, the left arm is less out of the water than the right one. Now it is a bit more consistent. Another change I saw was my kicks. Originally, I don’t really like to kick and rely mostly on my arm. Afterwards, I am much more comfortable kicking my legs. The last thing I felt i changed was my kick off. Before this I have a bad streamline, now my streamline is much better. I can feel myself go through the water much easier. This also includes my dive. My dive has improved as well because my entry is much more smooth. I can also go farther forwards after the dive before I have to come out and start swimming.

I generally prefer doing HIIT exercises because I like to simulate a competition. During competitions, I will put out max effort. During HIIT, I can simulate a competition because I will exert a lot of energy to get the best time while also maintaining a good and consistent stoke.

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