What does it mean to understand?

What does it mean to understand? Throughout the school year, each of our projects and assignments helps us further learn what it means to understand. To the average person who you may ask what it means to understand, they would probably say it’s when you know what something about when you know what it means. But how do you know when you know what something means? By doing research and writing research reports, we start to realize that understanding something means to know what all aspects mean. To look at one topic, one issue from several different perspectives, each perspective having multiple backings for it. For example, in order understand a political issue and topic, it’s necessary to recognize both sides of the argument, liberal or conservative, republican or democrat. One must know what both sides are arguing for, the reasons why they think the way they think. To understand is to look at something from multiple perspectives, looking at the different layers of the same topic.

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