Denali National Park


Denali National Park



Never have I ever seen one, but today, I did.


Are we there yet, It’s been 3 hours on a truck, where are we even going? I thought.

It almost seems like my mom knew what I was thinking; she asked, “ Do you even know where we are driving to? If not, here’s a clue, it’s somewhere where there are things you really like.”

“ Is it a museum?”

“ Nope!” she said

“A zoo?”

“ Really close.”

“I don’t know, just tell me!” I demanded.

“The place is called Denali National Park. Since its only 7 o-clock n the morning we’ll be there by 8.” my mom explained.

“What! One more hour? You’re joking right?” I exclaimed

“ I am not joking.” My mom replied calmly.

“ Darn it! Daddy, tell me a joke.” I muttered

“No, read your book, I’m driving on a mountain, you don’t want me to drive the RV off the cliff, do you?

“ Okay fine!” I sighed.

I picked up by book and then flipped to the page I stopped on last time.

I read and read until my mom said, “ Aiden, we’re here!”

“Yes, finally!” I bellowed.

I was so exited I ran to my shoe and stuffed it on my feet. My hand was ready to open the door at any moment. Who knows what we are going to see, deer, moose, goats, bears? I felt like I could see what was inside the park!

My mom and dad stepped out of the car while I just kicked the door open and ran out side with my lunch and my water bottle. My mom said that we were going to a daylong bus tour around Denali national park. I suddenly felt a bit disappointed that it was a tour, but that was because I thought that it was one of the boring times where you just follow someone and listen to them talk. Then my dad reminded me that it was no ordinary tour, it was a bus tour.

I asked my dad “ Will we have breaks in between the bus tour?

“ Of course! It’s 9 hours long, why do you think we made sandwiches for lunch silly? ” He laughed.

“Oh.” I said to myself.

We dragged our bags to the bus stop and waited. A few minutes later, a huge bus came with the words Denali national Park written on the side.

Once we got in the bus we found a seat where there is a good view of what might be outside.

Next, the driver of the bus introduced himself to everyone. It turns out that his name was Dale. His job is to drive people all around Denali National Park and he has been working at the park for 21 years!

Dale started the bus and drove past our RV and into the mountain. Just then, the bus jolted to a halt and I looked out the windows and, there it was, a mother moose, with a calf by her side. I quickly whipped out the camera and took a picture of it. I was so exited about it. I have never seen a moose in my whole entire life!

As we moved on, Dale told us all about mountain McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America. Dale also asked us to keep a look out for bears or caribou. Suddenly, a woman shouted “A deer!” I scrambled out of my seat and looked at it trough the other window. That was not a normal deer, that’s a caribou! Denali is just perfect!

Dale drove for a little more and then stopped at the perfect place to take pictures of mountain McKinley. A few hours later Dale reminded us that he will stop at the visitor center for lunch, then we will keep going.

Around 40 minutes later, Dale announced that it was time to get back on the bus. We carried on and then for the past few hours we’ve seen more caribou and two golden eagles. One animal in specific was the best though.





That one animal was a grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are one of the subspecies of the brown bear. Grizzlies are also one of the biggest carnivores in the world. What would happen if I went off the bus? Would it stay there and stare at us, or charge at us and try to break the window? I can almost see its claws ripping into someone’s body. I thought. I wonder what would happen if I put a deer beside the bear and also put me beside the bear? Would the bear chase the deer or me? I did not even want to think about it. I was shivering even thinking about it.


After 9 hours on the bus we finally got back. I really liked the bus tour because I got to see really cool animals, and when I was on the tour, I learned more about animals and Denali National Park.