There are five aspects of learning in the 21st century. Here are three aspects that I chose to show for the student-led conference:

Communication and Collaboration

This year, I have improved and became proficient at Communication and Collaboration. An example here is my group work from humanities. I decided to take the responsibility of editing the entire video and audio to improve the quality of our group’s final product. I have done many tasks that involve group work, such as in Design Technology, Math, and Science.

Innovation and Creativity

Sometimes creativity is hard to find, but I have improved at finding it this year in my work at school, especially in art class. I have demonstrated the ability to use innovation and creativity to introduce new and original ideas from existing ones. My One Day project is another example where I used creativity to make something as the only guidelines provided to us are the very basics. We use our innovation to build upon the basics.

Inquiry, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving
My problem-solving skills have improved since the beginning of the year, as they have been practiced by problems that we have been given in Math and Science. Some problems require a deep level of understanding before they can be started to solve. I am able to ask questions and solve them with reasoning and evidence. I can think critically, form judgments and give advice. When given a problem, I can develop a strategy to solve it. A good example is from my Math and Science assessments.

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