Foodtruck Design

The design problem: The Foodtruck that I designed is named Hokkaido Ramen. This Foodtruck mainly serves traditional Japanese ramen along side with some Japanese street food such as octopus balls, fish cake, and grilled squid. Occasionally we provide with seasonal foods such as sashimi. The targeted audience for this Foodtruck is mainly for those who… Read More Foodtruck Design

Typography Booklet

Typography unit For this unit, we were assigned a font to study. Mine was Gotham which was released for public use in 2002.  Gotham is a part of the family of geometric sans-serif typeface. This typeface was originally designed by Tovias Frere-Jones and American type designer. He released this font in the 2000 then was… Read More Typography Booklet

Physical theatre definition

The theatrical story is told primarily through the body or through physicalization. There may be dialogue, but it’s the physical imagery that becomes the primary communicator. “Physical theatre” is a general “catch-all” term that may be applied differently depending on the piece.