Designer persona


Overall I really like how my portrait turned out considering it was my first time taking a course like design studio. Throughout this process, my peers helped me with my confusions and Mr. Griffen also lent a hand.

Whilst choosing the image, I didn’t think much about lighting, color, and positioning. The challenging part of this project was being able to create as much detail from the original portrait onto the self-portrait.  For instance, I wasn’t able to capture the original lighting of the picture and create as much dimension of the hair.

Taking some pointers from Mr. Griffen, I created multiple layers on the illustrator to organize each section of the picture. This helped a lot afterward because I was able to move around different features to help them stand out more.  From this project, I was able to understand more about the shading and contouring of the face. For instance, trying to achieve a smooth gradient when the shadow of the face changes. After creating this project, I think my personal aesthetic leans more towards photorealism.


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