Blog post for engineering project

I am making a wireless phone charger. It will transfer energy by charging my phone using electricity. I need to learn how to successfully untie cords and use wires for the first time since I usually am afraid of electricity. my design does meet expectations since it does function and people are always asking for wireless charging. It has a lot of people who can be clients in a way it does have an environmental impact by removing wires? my product is durable and safe for the intended customer.

video to make an easy wireless charger

another way of making it, just using some induction and wood instead

How Wireless Energy Transfer Works

DIY Wireless Energy Transfer System – YouTube
Project file on Free Circuit Editor: Project file on Free Circuit Editor: htt…

journal entry number two

Journal #2
Our Goal:
The goal of our polymer project is to …
Have coasters that hold firm and don’t leave cup marks on the table

Target Market Audience
Some Examples:

Parents with small kids
Teachers/Businessmen/Shop Owners
Pet Owners
Target Market Audience How will this help them?
Target Market Audience #1:
People with cups won’t leave cup marks on the table

Possible Target Market Audience #2:
*just in case you have more than one target market audience Table stoppers under chair as well It will help parents with little kids

Describing Our Polymer

We want the Physical Properties to include:
” goeey
” holds firm
” sticky
” thick cover

Polymer Characteristics We Are Looking For
*Gloop, Super Slime, Stretch-tastic Slime, Oobleck

Polymer Characteristics Why this is important
gloop firmness So it can keep the cup in place and not make it move
oobleck reforms It should reform around the cup
Super slime How thick it is Thick ness means less cup marks

Our Plan to Develop our Prototype
*Prototype = sample or model

1st we will… 2nd we will…
Take some of our own polymer

Test it on a cup and do different tests such as dropping it to see the way of success and the ways of improvement

Add different properties of ingredients to change and make our polymer
Make it dry and performant

Finally 3rd we will…

Our Method for Testing our Prototype: How we’ll test it to see if it works
Method Why we chose this/How this will be effective
Put the prototype under the cup and see if it stops stain marks and keeps the cup stable It will show if the prototype works on keeping the cup and how it should keep the cup intact.
See if its durable dropping it and taking it around to see if it can be taken around It shows how long it can be used for

Sources I used:
2 drops of food coloring
7 ml of water
8 ml of borax solution
Guar gum powder.

my journal entry number one

Journal #1
Synthetic VS. Natural
What are synthetic materials?
Artificial materials

Give 2 examples of synthetic materials.

What are natural resources?
Resources given by nature

Give 2 examples of natural resources.
Shellac amber

Polymers and Where They Come From

What is a polymer?

a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together which are monomers .many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins.

Give 2 examples of synthetic polymers and the natural resources they come from
Synthetic Polymer #1
nylon What natural resources does this come from?
cellulose What would we use this synthetic material for?
Ropes, and clothes Nylon became important as a synthetic substitute for silk in the manufacture of parachutes when silk became scarce.

Synthetic Polymer #2
What natural resources does this come from?
the monomer tetrafluoroethylene by free radical vinyl polymerization.
What would we use this synthetic material for?
for pans and other cookware.

Chemical Reactions

How do natural resources go through a chemical reaction to become synthetic materials?
important words to think about…polymerization, monomer, polymer

Natural resources go through a process called polymerization, and they form a chain to form a polymer, those molecules are called monomers and they can be bonded to other monomers to form the final product, a polymer

What is a monomer?

a molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer.

What is polymerization?

In polymer chemistry, polymerization is a process of reacting monomer molecules together in a chemical reaction to form polymer chains or three-dimensional networks

Sources I used:

Top 3 Commercial Uses for Nylon….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab….….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..4.5.6




L21 SKILL:1 


I chose innovation and creativity for my first L21 skill since I think I have done many things involving innovation and creativity. we have had many projects in which we have to be very creative and I use my creativity to help my way through such things. for my first example: 

  • One day Photography: village.

For one day we went to the village near the school to get some very good photos and to capture the beauty of China in a picture. we took a lot of good photos and there were many good shots of icicles and trees, scenery, and people. there were many people there and we had a lot of good photos of them. I took a lot of nice photos my self and these are them:

We Also went to the river and took great scenery shots. i beard how to pan the horizon from mr Stewart. After we took scenery shots we also took shots of the trees and woods behind us and i found a great tree shot there. we worked for a long tome, thing shots of the river and fishermen. after getting back to school we edited two photos and published them outside the class. It was a great time.



  • For science gravity unit we did a gravity concept map in which i answered three different questions related to gravity. we worked on it for a long time I had a very informative concept map. i had written down al that I knew and had a lot of models connected to it. i had a test after it and I did well by using the concept map and all the information.


For Humanities: Austin, and Nathaniel and I had to do a video explaining the Syrian revolution that we learned in the class of the revolutions and also gave a test on it. we made a 4-minute video explaining the Syrian revolution in plain English. After doing the video we submitted it and we thought that it was a good product. You can watch it now. we also did a good job of voiceovers. we did a lot of editing and the final

Badminton unit

In my badminton unit, I did a doubles tournament as well as a lot of other skills that I learned. the first skill that I learned was the forehand smash which was a skill that is very important in badminton.  You have to execute with a wrist flick, aiming the racket downwards.Ii also learned the backhand clear in my PE unit. I learned the way you have to move your hand upwards to make it go over the head and hit the birdie with power.



For science i did a powerpoint presentation in which i presented the disease of Parkinson’s and how to cure it. i worked on it a lot and i was quite pleased with my final project. i learned that Parkinson’s is a disease that can make you loose control of your body parts. it makes your nerve cells not create dopamine, which is a really important fluid to help in letting your body organs work. we worked on it very hard and very well. my solution to the disease was to take out all the dysfunction sing cells, and transport working cells and they will do normal cell reproduction and will make more cells making dopamine, leading to the extinction of Parkinson’s.`






non fiction blog post

I read the book Emma and Charles and in Emma and Charles there is one clear theme which I can relate to and that is that beliefs can come in the way of what you love to do.

In Charles and Emma Charles could not reveal all the secrets he had researched and put them out so people in the world could know the science of heredity and because of the beliefs of his wife Emma he cannot do the book he wants to publish to let everyone know about his research.

In my case I am part of a Hindu family and my mom is strictly against eating beef, due to us worshipping cows since they give us milk, and important food in Hindu daily life. So, when my friends, not taking any names, started to pressure me to eat beef which they told me was the best food in the world I could not, and I refused. Since they asked me for a reason I told them that cows were like gods for Hindus and since then they have been saying that I’m not strong or should eat beef. And that’s why I relate to being held back by beliefs when trying to do something you want to do.

Charles and Emma was a great book in finding out about a great personality and how he affected the vast world of science.

Resolution Blog Post: Everything Happens For a Reason

Theme Explanation:
The Big Splash

The main theme in my opinion in The Big Splash is that how everything happens for a reason. In this story there is a villain… well everybody sees him as a villain. Vinny Biggs is the bully head of the school being only a small and pudgy kid. Everyone Only knows the bad and mean side of him and not the once nice side. The only reason he started bullying people was because he was bullied himself. He was the most bullied kid in the school for about an year of sixth grade.” At the time Vincent Baggio was just as short punching bag.” And when he came to seventh grade he wanted to erase that picture and he did. “No one knew it at the time but Vinnie was a punching bag with a plan.” But only for a reason. The reason was not to get bullied again. When in the end matt Stevens finds out about his he punishes the bullies by sending them so far in the outs, even the outs wouldn’t talk to them. That is the theme of this book in my opinion.

Blog Post #2 Tumblr page

I chose the main post to be Fiona since she is Jonas’ best friend and crush in the book. in the people section I put in the giver since he is the guy this book is about and the only guy who shares feelings with him. then there is liz, His sister who is the one he really care s about and loves. I put the giver in as well since he has to be in the page.

My Mentoring Trip: Reflection

My mentoring trip, I rate it As 11/10. It was an amazing set of memories and fun and everything to the hotel’s food till the rafting was amazing. On the rock climbing part, I’ll admit it, I felt a bit scared. The training course helped ease my nerves and the second course was amazing, I mean over a pond called Heavenly pond? Hell yeah! And there was Tom Noh in front of me the whole time and reassuring me and telling me jokes. His fearlessness was in incredible. The Wire thing was a bit sketchy, but fun at the same time.When we were done With the Rock climbing everyone got in a circle and played a bunch of games which was really fun. When we got back to the hotel the food was amazing and then the activity was so funny I think I split a rib laughing. Then at night we ate snacks. A bunch of them. It was my birthday the next day and lapo Wished me first thing in the morning which was really nice. Then we were having breakfast and everyone Started singing happy birthday. Then we went rafting and the jump people were there being really helpful and supportive. Our raft went in first which was really cool and Alan id pretty much everything, pushing the raft to the rock and back to shore. Then everyone was swimming and it was really fun with everyone. Then we got back, had an amazing lunch and had to come to get our bags and leave. All in all it was a great trip. A big thanks to the Via ferrata people and the JUMP! instructors. It was a really fun trip and I hope to go there again!