Eyeglasses Assessment

  1.  Brainstorming users:

I brainstormed a lot from the start for the users, however, I think having a pair of glasses for my cat is pretty cute. My targetted audience is focusing on pet owners that like to dress up their pets, and also the age group of the pet owners would be targetted to age 20-30, and the pet owner would like to post their pets on social media such as Instagram, youtube.

Thumbnail Sketch:

I did some thumbnail quick sketches, with organic shapes and geometric shapes.

Isometric Drawing:

I did some isometric drawings however I find it quite confusing.

Perspective Drawing:

Orthographic drawings:

Side View Sketch:


More information about the USER:

Made with Padlet


Optimistic design isn't a particular look, it is a movement of residential anarchy. It goes much deeper than using br… | Bauhaus poster design, Bauhaus art, Bauhaus

I am inspired by this Bauhaus graphic design. I like the vivid colors and the shapes that this designer used. Which later on in my final prototype I would be using vivid red color. Also for the shapes geometric shapes instead of the organic shapes for the outer line of my glasses.




The prototypes that are being created by the cardboard are very bendy and the edges are very rough, this is not an ideal material to use. In this prototype there are triangles that are at the side top of the glasses, this is inspired by the Bauhaus poster also my cat’s ears.


Then  I use Adobe Illustrator to make this laser cut. I did some practicing with vector points before I created my glasses.


Practice Vector Points:



Sketch 1:

In this sketch I did not like the squares it is kind of dull and plain, it did not fit in my aesthetic.

Sketching with Ai.

Sketch 2; I changed the squares into an organic shape circle adding more design elements and making it cuter.

In this sketch, the biggest problem is that the triangles are connected to the round part of the glasses which means that the laser cut machine will cut through. So then I had to use the ‘scissor tool’ to delete the vector points that are between the triangle and the round part of the glasses.

Prototype 1 with AI

I stretched the glasses a bit longer so it is not that short for my cat.

Cut out version:

I had used laser cutting this design onto cardboard, this is not a good material to use for my final design. This material is soft and when my cat wears it she will probably rip it apart.


This is a photo of my cat and the glasses PS together. I am planning to take home the glasses tonight and try them out on my cat.

This is my other prototype that is made out of acrylic, this material hard, shiny. This material looks aesthetic but in this prototype, I can not make a bend over the nose part of the glasses, since the laser cutting can only cut flat.


I brought the glasses home, and I got some interesting feedback from my pets.

When I got home I found out my dog is at the door so I tried it on her. She cannot stay quiet so I had to pull her a little bit. The glasses were her size but the elastic was too small to put on her head. However, when I tried it on my cats the glasses were too big.

I have 2 cats and the glasses were super big for them, and for some reason, my cat keeps biting on them.

For the next step, I would be shrinking down the size and also considering what materials I would be using for the hinge of the glasses. Maybe doing a normal hinge but pets don’t have the ear to support. Based on research, the pet glasses also have the hinge like the human ones, so I’m probably going to create a hinge instead of elastic.

Overall, I think the glasses look fashionable but not really useful. So maybe for the next step, I shall change this into a human version and also maybe a glasses for my dog.

Recycled Soft plastic Tote Bag


Made with Padlet


The reason why I have picked these examples is written in the padlet, also I think the bag itself could be filled with the design that makes it unique and stands out more.


Here are some sketches that I sketched on Procreate. I was inspired by this Dior bag, and I love the shape and the strip on the middle. So, I included this mainly in my prototypes.

Photos of the process:

Prototype #1:

For prototype #1,  I found a template for a handbag. When I finished this prototype I didn’t like this and the shape. So I made my second prototype.

Prototype #2

The purpose of my design is to save the environment and recycle plastics, also to satisfy good aesthetics. The intended audience might be people who are really interested in recycling plastic. I need to improve on the quality, aesthetics, and shape of this handbag. The most challenging thing to do is heating the material up.

There are some photos of my prototypes for a tote bag. I tried out 2 templates for the tote bag. Personally, I like the 2nd one better.

Then I decided to create my 3rd prototype which is a larger version of prototype 2. But I did not have the time to finish it as we get into Online Learning, all of the supplies are at school.




I think the shape of my bag went pretty well also I think the poster I created is a success to my design. Because I did not have the time to finish my handbag so it was important to sketch out the handbag to myself. If I had more time I would go into the details and add small decorations to the bag to make it more unique and pretty.  The biggest challenge of making this handbag is sewing the parts together. The sewing machine at school is different from the one that I use from home. And I have not figured out how to do a backstitch on the school’s sewing machine. Also, due to the thickness of the plastic, it was difficult to sew because normally I would use fabric but this time the material is different, so it is another big challenge that I have come up with.


Digital self-portrait Examples


  • Who created the portrait and how (try to find examples that tell you this info; otherwise, take a guess)?

I do not know who created this, but I think it is a digital artist. I found it on Pinterest.

  • How would you describe the portrait style? What does it tell you about the person?

I would describe this style as transparent-ish, less saturation, yandere. This tells me that this artist really knows how to use her colors and create a gorgeous sketch of young girls.

  • What design elements can you identify (line, color, texture, shape, tone, form)?

The most dominant design elements that this artist has used are line, color, and tone.  The lines that this artist used are not bold. They are soft and be to the point. The artist exaggerates the lines mostly on the five senses and the outer contour of the face to stand out from the image. The colors that this artist has used are low saturation and from a red-pink palette. The artist has also used light blue-green and purple on the shades, making the image more harmonious.

  • What do you like about each example, and how might it work for your self-portrait?

In this portrait, I am inspired by the use of colors and lines, which I would use in my portrait. I would use a more low saturation and soft lines in mine. I also like how this artist used different colors as her shadows instead of black, so I probably would use different colors for the shadows.

X Design Persona Poster

Part 1:

I think design is something that you make that nobody ever had made it before. What inspires me to design is how much you could add to a simple product and the changes that you could add to it. Personally, I like fashion design and interested in fashion design. My favorite design example is a fashion couture show from Alexander McQueen in 2008. My favorite designer is  Alexander McQueen because I really like how he interprets things and sees how his inspirations are added to his design. I really like his use of colors and how avant-garde it is. My other favorite designer is John Galliano. I like his gorgeous and luxuriant designs during his time with Dior. I especially like his dresses. I did Design Studio as an elective before so I know how to use the basic software for designs. Such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and also Procreate.

My most memorable experience designing was last year for the Charity Fashion Show and being a designer. The process was very fun, from gathering inspirations to sketching out the garments to picking out what kind of fabrics needed to be used. Also, it was really fun to see the models wearing out my garments. I would like to get better at presenting, photo-editing (photoshop and illustrator). I would like to get better at presenting because I am a shy person and I would like to share my ideas with other peers and receive feedback to improve. I am already doing pretty well on drawing, digital drawing by using procreate.






Duplicating Life Art

How did your group pick the final idea? ​


In my group, we decided on Nicole wanting to do PSA and I wanted to do something more with the detail and the face. We wanted to show a statue having a bad day hanging over something. We decided to attach a bung of strings from the upper body to the lower body. This is to convey our message of everyone could have a bad day.



In class, we came up with different ideas and drew them out in the sketchbook. I only took a photo of one idea because I forgot to take the others because the time was limited. I drew this final portrait of Marilyn Monroe because I was inspired by the statue of Marilyn Monroe – Forever Marilyn created by John Seward Johnson II.  (https://www.huffpost.com/entry/church-giant-marilyn-monroe-statue_n_5b1ec451e4b09d7a3d75bb1b) I was also inspired by Andy Warhol his printing of Marilyn Monroe and Roy Lichenstein his comic way of having printing dots over the character. (https://www.artsy.net/artist/roy-lichtenstein). I combined these ideas into one. I first sketched out Marilyn Monroe and having her smoking a cigarette because some of her photos always have her smoking. In the nineteen fifties and sixties, smoking was so common in the United States that almost everyone smoked. At that time, people not only didn’t know how dangerous smoking was but also had the approval of doctors. So my intention of having her smoking was to warn people that smoking is bad for health.

The idea of having the printing dots from Lichenstein was hard to do. Because I was limited to materials. At first, I was planning to use the hole puncher and having them punched onto a paper and then use spray paint to go over the dots in the background. It was hard to do it. So I created the 2nd part/ piece of this art- the digital version. The digital version I created by procreate and it really did look what I expected. The reason why I used the dots as the background is that I want the person- Marilyn Monroe to stand out more,.

I was inspired by Andy Warhol for using simple, primary colors because I think that pop art is not just the object/ people being popular but maybe also the colors being popping out and eye-catching. I think it worked out in my pop art painting because it is eye-catching for the audience and also it popped out from the background.

By using SCAMPER the first initial idea of the portrait of Marilyn Monroe was to paint a very stereotypical realistic painting of her but that would not look like pop art and so I replaced it with a comic style look. Also, I replaced a pure black background with the dot texture (digital version, on canvas, was limited). I also combined 2 different artist styles into one which is mine. From Andy Warhol’s primary color and Roy Lichenstein’s comic printing dot into one.

The color I used was basically 3 colors, yellow, red (rose-skin color),  and black. Yellow and red are primary colors and stand out more. I kept my artwork as simple as possible. I repeated the color red because I think red is a really sensational color for me. From her hairbow to her lipsticks to necklace and her clothing. If I didn’t repeat the color red then this artwork may not stand out as much and be not as simple as I intended to be.

The one idea was a character from Pokemon and my peers asked me how is this meaningful and I thought it’s not.   So then I picked Marilyn Monroe smoking. When people think of Marilyn Monroe they usually don’t think of her as a smoker because she stands for purity and ignorance so I want to tell the audience that does not rely on your ignorance about the disadvantages of smoking. Moreover, I think that smoking really impacted me because my mom is a smoker, and a lot of times I warned my mom to not smoke and she wouldn’t listen to me. This is also why I choose to draw out the posture of Marilyn Monroe smoking.


Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe made by Andy Warhol is one of the most famous pop-art artists and had made several recognizable artworks in the world. It is made in 1967 by using silkscreen prints. It was created because of the unfortunate death of the famous Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. The portrait of Monroe reflects the helplessness and confusion of people in a modern commercial society. The most dominant art elements used in this artwork is line, shapes, and color. The artist used a lot of thick lines and dots to create the shadow of Marilyn Monroe. Warhol also used primary color, yellow, and red-pink. In the artwork, Warhol has used darker values for the hair, shadow of the face, and brighter color with lemon yellow and red-pink for the background which creates an obvious contrast for the audience to know that Marilyn Monroe is the “main character” of the portrait. Warhol also applies organic shapes to fill in the shaded part of Monroe. The design principles used in this portrait is Marilyn Monroe centered right in the middle but not following the one-third composition method. This is to emphasize the importance of Marilyn Monroe and to enlarge the scale of her portrait and to tell the viewer or audience to focus on the portrait itself. In fact, this portrait was printed 50 times by using different colors. The artist used this technique to show that such popular tastes, like his painting, are being produced in large quantities until publicity gets bored of them.


My own biases opinion for this portrait is this is an artwork but not 100%handmade. I would say 50% handmade and 50%printing techniques. I think this is just commodity printing instead of traditional artwork. I think that this portrait does not worth that much this should be the same worth value as any advertisement printing. Andy Warhol has broken the standard of art, he made art more popular but I think at the same time he devalues the value of art. My emotional response to this artwork is actually a bit tense and exciting. I think how Andy Warhol has broken the standard of traditional art made me really excited because not many artists do what he called printing. My mood was tense because this really made me think about what is art? And how should people interpret art?

Studio Art pre-assessment

The benefits of blind contour are that it is really fun and enjoying not see the object and drawing it out. It really did inspire us to look more at the object instead of our drawings. Negative space was a really fun activity too because we got to focus on the negative space and the outside shape of the object and it was quite challenging for me to just focus on the negative shapes and spaces. In value drawing activities I learned how to shade out from light to dark by using different methods, such as hatching, cross-hatching, stippling (pointism), and blending. It really did help me in the future knowing how to sketch out different values by using the same pen or pencil. In the future, I would incorporate more blind contour because I think it is a way to have inspiration and it is a really good skill to practice just to focus on the object.


You and I under the lemon tree..

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