IDU Final Reflection

In the last couple of weeks, ISB has included a unit called IDU (Interdisciplinary Unit), in this unit our main focus was on inclusivity. The main goal and focus of this were to improve our ISB community to become more inclusive of all kinds of people. I was put into a group, and in the group, I did not know any of my teammates. During the process of this unit, I had to face the challenges of getting to know how to communicate with my teammates to get things on task and done before the due date.

I assessed myself in satisfactory as in the “collaboration” strand from the student as a learner rubric. During this project, one of my teammates was sick nearly the whole project, and we had to communicate with that teammate to get our work done by using emails and WeChat to communicate our ideas and thinking. I tried my best to listen to everyone’s suggestions and came up with a solution that fits us the best. In this project, at first, we did not know what the targeted audience was; everyone in the group had no idea for the targeted audience,  so I gave the suggestion of LGBTQIA. However one of my teammates did not want to focus on this, therefore, we had a small vote and democracy wins, and the final decision was depressed people. I think that my strengths of being a team member are that I am willing to listen to everyone’s ideas and actively participating in the group. I think I need to work on is work efficiency, because sometimes in our group we make decisions not really efficient which causes the whole process of our work to slow down.

At the beginning of this project, our group, have all agreed to 10 rules:

Team rules 

  1. Work is equally done   
  2. Respect each other’s opinions when disagreeing  
  3. Everyone meets set deadlines 
  4. Build on ideas instead of disregarding them 
  5. Be engaged/on task  
  6. Provide feedback to each others work  
  7. Keep in touch via WeChat  
  8. If a conflict occurs and people are hostile, come back to issue during the next time we meet to set compromises   
  9. If someone misses a meeting/work session, meeting notes/minutes should be posted in the WeChat group and work should be made up at home 
  10.  If people have personal issues, it is their responsibility to deal with it and it will not be an excuse to not get work done

The norms I found being easy for me to implement are respecting each other’s opinions when disagreeing because during the process of the project we had all sorts of ideas and opinions and there are some conflicts but lastly we still had respectfully agreed to one. Another norm I found easy for me was to keep in touch because I am always online and checking my messages on a regular daily bases so I do not miss any important information. I found it very challenging to be on task because I am very easily distracted by other things. 

In my group, collaboration was very important for us, because one of my teammates was sick and we had to work extremely collaborate to finish our work and communicating with that teammate to get his ideas and opinions into our group. I think the most challenging for me to collaborate with others is getting to know them first because sometimes it is very hard to collaborate with someone you do not know. I overcome this challenge by communicating them more often in the group and establishing a good relationship with all my teammates. 

Finally, in this unit, I learned the importance of “inclusivity” and also the importance of collaborating with others. Also, I have learned a lot of skills through this unit such as using Microsoft Excel to analyze data and making graphs, and also I have gained more experience on my presentation skills of presenting things to others.

Costume Design Stagecraft Project Journal

Design Intention:

Based on the ten factors of costume design age, gender, social status, occupation, geographic location, occasion or activity, season or weather, historical event and psychological factors I have created 2 costumes for Check Please: Take 3 for Guy and Ruth.

For Guy his age is probably around 25 and obviously, Guy’s gender is male. His social status is considered as middle-class people. His occupation is not clear or not being said. The geographic location is probably America. The season and weather are unknown. The occasion or activity is dating another character, Ruth, at a restaurant. The historical event is like around the 1900s. The psychological factors of this character are just a normal guy.

For Ruth, her age is around 25 too and gender is female. Her social status should be middle-class and with a certain amount of knowledge to judge what leader should this country needs. The geographic location is America because she said she met Lynn in Kansas and also, she was born in Missouri village which is a state in the Midwestern United States. The season and weather are unknown. The historical even is around the 1900s during the presidential election or something similar to that. The psychological factor is a girl that likes to talk a lot about stuff.

I recently completed my costume design of two characters from Check Please: Take 3, Ruth and Guy. I think I have engaged pretty well in costume design because I have learned art for a couple of years and currently, I am a designer in Charity Fashion Show, so it is quite easy for me to create a costume design for the two characters. I have learned theatre is created by different things such as costumes, lights, sounds, etc, and the importance of each. I found it kind of hard to analysis the script and to develop a costume because it does not provide enough information for me but I consumed and did some research which helped me create my 2 costumes.

Intro to costume design -Theatre

Costume Design

  • 12 factors:
  • Age: determine the type of clothing that we pick
  • Gender: Female/ Male- olden days women no pants but now you could/ gender bias in clothing- common girls dress or skirt/ social construct- changes over the years
  • Social status: wealthy/ poor- powerful- servant-like-job
  • Occupation: sometimes clear for occupation but sometimes not: Jobs: police etc..  No specific clothing but the way being treated
  • Geographic Location: clothing area- dressed differently-style
  • Occasion or activity: eg: bride would not wear jeans expected to wear a wedding dress- important- what are they doing or where are the going
  • Season or weather: temperature: more clothing: shorts in the winter etc..
  • Historical period: time period in history the character is living: fashion changes over time—
  • Psychological factors personality/ emotions: different moods; goth- black dark

D-Log Define & Inquire Unit

In this topic, it is about Defining and Inquiring. In this unit, I had to explain and justify a problem and a solution, mine was about “how freshman students can manage their money in an efficient way”, I came up with this problem inspired by myself. I am a freshman student and the biggest problem that I have myself is keeping track of my allowance. So I thought that maybe someone else that may also have the same problem as me, so I came up with this problem with a solution. From MISO  I picked Survey as my tool, then I constructed a survey on Microsoft forms. I went around the school looking for freshman students. From the first survey, I got some of the answers were really vague and not specific enough to support my solution, so then I went and re-edited my survey with some more clarifying questions, and adding more multiple choice of answers for the questions. From the survey, I took said that almost 85% of the students think or need to manage their allowance in a better way or system. Then I created a data analysis of every answer I got from the survey, about how why each question is important and how does every question analysis can impact my design as my next step Develop and Plan.

After I took my survey, I came up with a couple of solutions. In class, I had to share my ideas and solution with partners and peers, they gave me some helpful feedback on how to improve my solution and tool.

For creating my solution, I did some research about how did other people solve/ create a solution that could help or improve the way of managing money in an efficient way.

My solution was to make a website about “how to keep track of your money” and it is called “”

To create my design or solution I need to learn practice about how to create a website, such as how to program. I think I would achieve this by conducting some research online or asking some technology people from ICT.

You and I under the lemon tree..

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