Design Cycle #1 Reflection

Define and Inquire

Yay: what will you repeat?

I would like to repeat the reflecting process for furthermore design problems. I think that when I receive feedback from my peers I can reflect and improve my design.


Nay: what will you avoid?

I would like to avoid being less limited to define and inquire about my problem. I would also avoid by looking in my own design, and for next time I think I could identify more similar products or solution to the problem.

Develop and Plan


Which iteration strategy did you use? Would you use it again? Why/why not?

In my design, I received a bunch of feedback and changed my idea and solution based on my feedback. I improved the idea by adding more detailed information and also changes in the design that would make it better. I would definitely use this strategy again because I think it is a very efficient and helpful way to improve.


What did you enjoy in the planning stage?

I enjoyed the planning stage of brainstorming ideas on the whiteboard and it really helped me to brainstorm interesting ideas.


How will you better include concepts from responsive design in your next challenge?

In my future designs, I will focus more on how my design makes this world a better place. Although this wasn’t a major aspect of this project, I didn’t really consider the balance of the benefits of my design and the consequences it insists on the economy, environment, and the people.


What does your poster show about you as a learner?

My poster is very simplistic, it shows that I always want to make my work simplistic – easy to understand and appealing to the eyes. Furthermore, my poster is very organized, it also demonstrates that I am a very organized person.

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