Costume Design Stagecraft Project Journal

Design Intention:

Based on the ten factors of costume design age, gender, social status, occupation, geographic location, occasion or activity, season or weather, historical event and psychological factors I have created 2 costumes for Check Please: Take 3 for Guy and Ruth.

For Guy his age is probably around 25 and obviously, Guy’s gender is male. His social status is considered as middle-class people. His occupation is not clear or not being said. The geographic location is probably America. The season and weather are unknown. The occasion or activity is dating another character, Ruth, at a restaurant. The historical event is like around the 1900s. The psychological factors of this character are just a normal guy.

For Ruth, her age is around 25 too and gender is female. Her social status should be middle-class and with a certain amount of knowledge to judge what leader should this country needs. The geographic location is America because she said she met Lynn in Kansas and also, she was born in Missouri village which is a state in the Midwestern United States. The season and weather are unknown. The historical even is around the 1900s during the presidential election or something similar to that. The psychological factor is a girl that likes to talk a lot about stuff.

I recently completed my costume design of two characters from Check Please: Take 3, Ruth and Guy. I think I have engaged pretty well in costume design because I have learned art for a couple of years and currently, I am a designer in Charity Fashion Show, so it is quite easy for me to create a costume design for the two characters. I have learned theatre is created by different things such as costumes, lights, sounds, etc, and the importance of each. I found it kind of hard to analysis the script and to develop a costume because it does not provide enough information for me but I consumed and did some research which helped me create my 2 costumes.

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