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End of the Year trip 8th grade

  • List three things you learned during the two train rides (not necessarily about the train).

The 4g is very slow on the train while traveling

The train has no delays unlike airplanes

Moves very fast

  • What are two things you learned by the end of this trip?

The food was very good

Ping Yao is a very small place

  • What were the successful aspects of the Pingyao Challenge for your group?

Buying beef in different stores

  • The funniest moment on the trip was:

At night playing fight the landlord with friends while watching videos.

  • What was the most challenging aspect of the trip? How did you deal with this challenge?

No 4g or internet in the restaurant played with friends.

  • · Describe the most memorable experience you had in Pingyao.

At night playing games with friends.

  • What recommendations would you make for the trip next year?

Beds should be 2 separate beds, not one.



Academic Goal:Having a better grade by every end of the trimester report, and having at least 2 grades being mastered,  also checking the rubric for every assessment.

I would actively work towards this goal by using at least 1 hour of studying time for core subjects, and the rest of the time reading books.

Wellness Goal:  Sleep at least 8hrs a day.

I would actively work towards this goal by playing fewer video games every night, and also work towards a better quality of life. Sleep from 11:00 – 7:00 everyday.

Personal Goal: Having a better body fit, and  gaining muscles instead of gaining fat. I will measure this by using the app on my phone.

I would actively work towards this goal by exercising every day, and also eat less sugar, and junk food everyday.



My First Week

Fun, exciting, scared, nervous, and cautious. This is what I felt in the first week of school. I was scared to know who were in my class. When I first walked in my class room 3123, I met my teachers, Mr. Nortcott, and Ms. Cox. Mr. Northcott was the teacher who taught me in Grade 7 Art, and Ms. Cox was the teacher I never I met before. In 8-4 it seems that half of them were Korean, and I saw no friends of mine in this class, but soon I started to talk to most of the students in my class.