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Intro to costume design -Theatre

Costume Design

  • 12 factors:
  • Age: determine the type of clothing that we pick
  • Gender: Female/ Male- olden days women no pants but now you could/ gender bias in clothing- common girls dress or skirt/ social construct- changes over the years
  • Social status: wealthy/ poor- powerful- servant-like-job
  • Occupation: sometimes clear for occupation but sometimes not: Jobs: police etc..  No specific clothing but the way being treated
  • Geographic Location: clothing area- dressed differently-style
  • Occasion or activity: eg: bride would not wear jeans expected to wear a wedding dress- important- what are they doing or where are the going
  • Season or weather: temperature: more clothing: shorts in the winter etc..
  • Historical period: time period in history the character is living: fashion changes over time—
  • Psychological factors personality/ emotions: different moods; goth- black dark