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Red Scarf Girl

Red Scarf Girl: Is A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution written by Ji-li Jiang. In the story, Ji-li’s classmate started to write Dazibao to the teachers, and everyone threw away the old school supplies. Everything had changed when she knew her grandfather was a landlord, which had changed her life since then. Everyone avoids her family. Red Guards came to Ji-li’s house and took items from them to teach them a lesson. Soon, her father was arrested and imprisoned for no reason.

A family needs to trust each other, and face difficulties together. The cause of Ji-li to hate her grandfather was because they all lied to her about her grandfather, and no one in the family told her that her grandfather was a landlord until that day. “Until that spring I believed that my life and my family were nearly perfect.”(Ji-Li Jiang,19). In this quote, it explains that Ji-li used to believe that her family had trust between each other, but they kept a secret of her grandfather being a landlord, and her father considered as a rightist. “If Grandpa was a landlord, they could confiscate all his things. But I was not a landlord.”(Ji-Li Jiang, 108)  this part, it shows a lack of trust and help between Ji-li and her family, because she should help and figure out how could she help to her family, instead of complaining that she was not a landlord.


10 Years of the Great Cultural Revolution in China

This video is about the Cultural Revolution in China, that happened from  May 6, 1966, to 1976. In this video, it talked about the relationships of the government in China and how the power was used. Also about the struggle sessions, and Red Guards and how the took action to the old society and education, and how they used Da Zi Bao to attack some of the officials and educators, and also the little Red Book that everyone needed to have and memorized in their brains that are written by Chairman Mao and Lin Biao. In the video, it gives information about the important people that changed China, and what changed us. The important people were, Mao Tsedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Lin Biao, Deng Xiaoping. In conclusion, it talked about the changes in China and the importance of the revolution.