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D-Log Define & Inquire Unit

In this topic, it is about Defining and Inquiring. In this unit, I had to explain and justify a problem and a solution, mine was about “how freshman students can manage their money in an efficient way”, I came up with this problem inspired by myself. I am a freshman student and the biggest problem that I have myself is keeping track of my allowance. So I thought that maybe someone else that may also have the same problem as me, so I came up with this problem with a solution. From MISO¬† I picked Survey as my tool, then I constructed a survey on Microsoft forms. I went around the school looking for freshman students. From the first survey, I got some of the answers were really vague and not specific enough to support my solution, so then I went and re-edited my survey with some more clarifying questions, and adding more multiple choice of answers for the questions. From the survey, I took said that almost 85% of the students think or need to manage their allowance in a better way or system. Then I created a data analysis of every answer I got from the survey, about how why each question is important and how does every question analysis can impact my design as my next step Develop and Plan.

After I took my survey, I came up with a couple of solutions. In class, I had to share my ideas and solution with partners and peers, they gave me some helpful feedback on how to improve my solution and tool.

For creating my solution, I did some research about how did other people solve/ create a solution that could help or improve the way of managing money in an efficient way.

My solution was to make a website about “how to keep track of your money” and it is called “Money-Piggy.com”

To create my design or solution I need to learn practice about how to create a website, such as how to program. I think I would achieve this by conducting some research online or asking some technology people from ICT.

Design Reflection for Egypt

Describe the changes you made during the presentation session:

During the first presentation 1 to 1, when I presented to my partner when I finished my presentation, I realize that I finished a bit too fast, and my partner gave me some suggestions, that could make my presentation longer. I added some ideas of how my solution solves my problem.

What goals have you set?

Content goals:

Maybe adding a bit more how does my solution solves the problem and how does it work.

Communication goals:

From my feedback, my partners said that I should have more pauses and look less on the poster and having more eye contact. I would look more to the audience and may have a louder voice to the audience as well.