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Polymer Journal #4

from all of our prototypes, we tested them in a couple of ways to get our perfect prototype polymer.

In our first prototype, we failed very badly.

In our second prototype, we succeed and the formula of this prototype turns out to be one of our best prototypes and we combined this prototype with another prototype.

We made a lot of prototypes. For example, in the white prototype, it was too hard to stretch and we had to throw it away and the blue prototype was too watery and it was very hard to stretch.

Then we made another prototype. This prototype was very bouncy and it was an okay prototype but it couldn’t stick onto the mugs. I looked back to prototype number 2 and combined these 2 polymers together. The idea was that the bouncy polymer is the protection for the mug and polymer 2 was the one that could stick onto the mug. After we combined both polymers together it turns out to be our perfect prototype.

Then we tested how protective it was. So we threw glass bottles down at the stairs to see either the polymer could protect mugs or not. Normally a glass bottle would break at 3 stair height. And after we wrapped our polymer around the glass bottle and dropped it from 3 floors. The polymer did not break.