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Propaganda Poster Rationale


This is a propaganda poster created by Angela, and the primary target audience is the residents that live in the People’s Republic of Angel-land. This is made because Angela wants to get votes from the people so she can be president. Through the use of bold primary colors of red and yellow emphasize the ambition for Angela (me) to become president. Also, the eye-catching use of red color is a symbol of power and strength. I used a yellow circle behind my picture because this represents a halo. Therefore committing a sense of pathos to this poster because I am establishing a feeling of “god” in people’s minds. In this propaganda poster, the image I utilized is me having my left hand holding to the sky and showing victory to the people.

Meanwhile, establishing an authoritative and solemn image into people’s hearts, so they can vote for me. I also employed a big, bold black lettering that said “VOTE ANGELA FOR PRESIDENT” to attract people’s attention to this poster. By using short brainwashing, language is a success to my propaganda poster.