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Red Scarf Girl

Red Scarf Girl: Is A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution written by Ji-li Jiang. In the story, Ji-li’s classmate started to write Dazibao to the teachers, and everyone threw away the old school supplies. Everything had changed when she knew her grandfather was a landlord, which had changed her life since then. Everyone avoids her family. Red Guards came to Ji-li’s house and took items from them to teach them a lesson. Soon, her father was arrested and imprisoned for no reason.

A family needs to trust each other, and face difficulties together. The cause of Ji-li to hate her grandfather was because they all lied to her about her grandfather, and no one in the family told her that her grandfather was a landlord until that day. “Until that spring I believed that my life and my family were nearly perfect.”(Ji-Li Jiang,19). In this quote, it explains that Ji-li used to believe that her family had trust between each other, but they kept a secret of her grandfather being a landlord, and her father considered as a rightist. “If Grandpa was a landlord, they could confiscate all his things. But I was not a landlord.”(Ji-Li Jiang, 108)  this part, it shows a lack of trust and help between Ji-li and her family, because she should help and figure out how could she help to her family, instead of complaining that she was not a landlord.