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Flipped Settings

A small, quiet, and peaceful town that is located in America during the late 20th century; this is the place where the two main characters first met each other. All of their neighbors seems pretty nice to them, and all the houses have yards. Also most importantly, the sycamore tree. Not everyone loves that tree but Julie sure loves that big tall tree. Julie likes to climb up that tree and enjoy the view. In Bryce’s perspective the sycamore tree is just a tree nothing important at all, and therefore, conflicts happen.



Whoever loved that loved not at first sight?” — William Shakespeare.

Flipped is a book that is written by Wendelin Van Draanen. This book has two main internal conflict inside both main characters it is about avoiding and misunderstanding each other. Bryce Loski and Julie Baker met each other before the start of second grade, and when they first met each other they started their stories.

 Julie met Bryce after they moved their house. Bryce was a shy boy. When Julie first met Bryce she thought it was first love at sight. But Bryce was not sure he was shy and not sure about it, so he tried to avoid Julie. “It’s been six years of strategic avoidance and social discomfort” This is said by Bryce, this showed he tried to hide from Julie. “I thought I would die for wanting to be with him.”(11). This was the time when Julie and Bryce first met, Julie thought that she would die to get him, which shows her desire to Bryce, but after some problems with Bryce, Julie started to avoid Bryce.

Both characters had misconception to each another. They had trouble communicating with each other, for example, during the time when Julie gave the eggs to Bryce every day, but Bryce misperceives the message  and disgust the eggs and he throws it in the garbage every day. “Have you… always thrown them away?” (79) When Julie found out she was really mad at Bryce and from then on they never talked to each other, just because of misunderstanding.  Julie misunderstands Bryce, that he throws the eggs away, because Bryce thinks the eggs have problems.

Finally, Flipped is a story about funny, fantastic, romantic comedy, avoiding quarrals, and growth. There are a lot of errors for anyone who had fallen in love or out of love, for example the two main characters in this story flipped. All the time Julie thought she loved Bryce her but she never really knew him as she thought she did. Therefore, love is not something should be decided at the first sight.