The future of Our Planet

There are so many social issues to face in modern society, and environmental pollution is all around us even though we may not notice it all the time. My focus for the capstone project is responsible consumption and production.

How much time do we have before the world dies in our own hands?

What is the effect of irresponsible production on global warming?

How much unnecessary natural resources are being wasted because of irresponsible production (such as over-packaging)?

What is stopping us from taking action to solve this issue?

I believe that responsible consumption and production may be the most common issue in our everyday life. It is very probable that this issue will eventually be the most influential social issue affecting the Chinese environment.

With a GDP of 11.2 trillion USD in 2016, China, being one of the fastest developing and most polluted countries in the world, should most definitely be aware of its environments and start protecting it. Factories and business owners should be more responsible for their production and not just the profit.

Plante earth is our one and only home, I fear that humans in the future generation will not be able to enjoy the beautiful world as it is today. It is up to us to decide the future. I hope to make people be aware of the seriousness of environmental protection and realize the importance of taking action through this project.


Life under the Sun

The Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution was one of the biggest and most influential events in the Chinese history. In these ten years, China was drenched in full revolutionary atmosphere, following chairman Mao Zedong’s guides in hope of achieving a better future for China. The people of China who strongly believed and supported their great leader attacked the old cultures, ideas, customs, and habits, destroying the old buildings and denouncing the bourgeois. As a result of these actions, many people’s lives were either drastically changed or lost due to everyone’s blindness from the reality.

Even so, many things still stayed the same no matter what. Some people from the Cultural Revolution generation still feared or supported the Chinese Communist Party today. Chairman Mao Zedong is to be admired and respected by all Chinese people and believed to be the greatest leader, tutor, and savior of China. Anyone that says no against Mao in China would be in big trouble. Although religious beliefs were vigorously opposed off during the revolution, many religions were restored after the revolution and continued to be propagated in modern life.

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The Red Era

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was a huge event for China, It change many old cultures of the Chinese people and others’ opinions on China. It all began the man that started this whole event, the leader of China at the time — Chairman Mao Zedong. Due to his strong belief in Marxism and Communism, it changed many of the Chinese people’s lives. The entire country fell into a great 10-year-revolution, completely drenched in the ideas of Mao. Blood was shed, lives were lost. This radical event was no doubtably an immerse chaos. This video introduces the major events that happened during the Culture Revolution and how it had affected the country.

Desperate Ashes

Ashes; the left over dust and powder after the fire goes out. Dead and Black. It was how Frank McCourt described his mother’s life, hopeless, desperate and sad. Angela’s Ashes was a memoir of Frank McCourt’s childhood in Limerick, Ireland during 1930 – 49. The book was named after Frank’s mother — Angela Sheehan, who’s life, apart from the Frank’s childhood, was just like the ashes in a fire.

One of the accounts of Angela’s depressing life was her husband—Malachy McCourt. Being a Northern Irish Presbyterian, not only does he have a different religion than Angela’s family, he is also a very irresponsible father. “…your father is drinking the money for the baby… there isn’t a scrap of food in this house, not a lump of coal to start the fire, not a drop of milk for the baby’s bottle.” (Mcc 183-4) Even when he’s in England, “…Malachy McCourt is gone pure mad with the drink, that he squanders his wages in pubs all over Coventry, that he sings Irish rebel songs…Time after time Malachy drinks away his rent money and winds up sleeping in parks when the landlord throws him out.” (230-1) Frank’s Father spends almost any money he has on alcohol. Drinking pints and beer until he gets kicked out of the pubs. The father would come home drunk and singing Irish rebel songs and make his sons line up like soldiers to promise to die for Ireland. His addiction takes over his sense of responsibility, pulling him away from his family. He indulges himself in alcohol. When the drunk husband comes home, Angela avoided him by being silent, “Mam gets desperate and in the morning she has the bitter face andshe won’t talk to him[Dad].”(171) Sometimes, Angela would “…turn(s) toward[s] the dead ashes in the fire and suck(s) the last bit of goodness in the Woodbine butt…” (224) Facing her pathetic and idle husband, Angela doesn’t complain or get angry. It broke her heart when her family was falling apart bit by bit. No food, no heat, not clothes for her children and she had to go beg to sustain their lives. Still, Angela endured the pain and despair in consideration of her children. Afraid to hurt them or leave a scar on their delicate souls.

However, Angela’s life wasn’t always desperate and dull. She was once bright and full of joy. When she met Mr. Clohessy, he reminded Angela of her passionate youth. “You were a great dancer. Nights at the Wembley Hall, Angela, and the fish and chips after… We could have won competitions.” (167) Like a fire, Angela used to dance through the nights fervently. Burning the most beautiful sparks. She was the center of attention, the angel, a winner. Until she met the fate changing man of her life.

Angela’s Ashes introduced the sad dynamic life of Angela Sheehan after marrying to her husband and going through the tough pathetic years in Limerick begging for food to survive. She took care of  her children at the most difficult times even after their father left them. Angela Sheehan was a strong and independent woman and also a loving and responsible mother.

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