Polymer Journal #4

Prototype 1:

Our first prototype was called “booger”, which was made out of white glue and laundry starch. The prototype was soft and stretchy, which would be great characteristics in term of the purpose of our project. The softness of the polymer will be able to provide a comfortable and relaxing feeling for the customer when lying on it. The prototype has a very smooth feeling when touching it. However, this prototype has shown to have an unpleasant smell to it after being left in a sealed bag for a long time.

Prototype 2:

The second prototype was “super slime”, the main ingredient of this prototype was mainly PVA and borax. This clear prototype is odorless and has a jelly-like texture, which is very pretty, and may attract most children. It’s not sticky at all, therefore, it doesn’t make a mess where ever it’s placed. However, super slime is not stretchy at all and breaks apart easily if smashed violently. And because the prototype is clear/see-through, anything that gets mixed or integrates into the polymer may be visible to the naked eye, which could be quite unappealing.

Prototype 3:

For the third prototype, my partner and I have decided to mix booger, our first prototype, together with cornstarch so that this prototype is very more stretchy and the texture of the polymer will make the audience feel even more soothing. One thing bad about this prototype is that it may stick to fabric surfaces without any wrappings.

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