Lamp Design

I think I did a good job of incorporating ideas and executing them into the lamp design. The concept of my design was supported by visual elements. The design is creative, realistic, and convenient. If possible, I could create a physical prototype of my lamp with clay. I have had plenty of experience with clay in the past. It is a very flexible material that will allow a broad variety of possibilities. However, clay is not a translucent material. This means that in order to create a more accurate model of my design, I will have to learn more about acrylic and plastic materials and how to “mold” the material into a designated shape or design.

One thought on “Lamp Design

  1. Hi Angela, well done for an excellent project and reflection. Your concept is really cool – it works as a sculpture and lamp and has a dynamic interactive element by being able to be adapted into different forms.

    Also well done for applying Illustrator to create a really strong poster presentation. I think it could be improved by adding more detail to the “open wings” version – this drawing is a little unclear – but it . all makes clear sense from the description.

    Finally, a big thanks from me for all the effort you make in Product Design – I really appreciate having students such as you who take the time to do such great work. Take care!

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