Wearable: Mr. Cleanmouth

The wearable project asks students to design a wearable product that is beneficial to people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this unit, I came up with a total of 16 designs promoting “anti-infection” goals such as social distancing, sanitization, and temperature testing for different targeted audiences. Eventually, I chose Mr.CleanMouth, a shoulder bag design for children, as my final design.

(first idea sketch for Mr. CleanMouth)

After deciding on my final design, I began developing my idea and creating a prototype of Mr. CleanMouth with scrap fabric. Because Mr. CleanMouth is a shoulder bag created for children, I decided to create the product using soft, stretchy fabric and fill Mr. CleanMouth’s dinosaur-shaped body with synthetic fiber. I cut up some old socks I found at home and hand sewed the pieces together. I don’t have a lot of experience with sewing and constructing with fabrics, hence my prototype was quite flimsy and incomplete. In the end, I only created the mouth area of the shoulder bag.

(Prototype of the shoulder bag, created from old socks)

After “failing” the attempt at making a physical prototype of my product design, I decided to go back to the drawing board and create a fabric pattern for the “stuffed animal” part of the shoulder bag. By examining the design from different sides and analyzing the structure of stuffed animals from reference photos, I came up with a “direction” of Mr. CleanMouth’s fabric patterns.

(Fabric pattern for Mr. CleanMouth)

After drawing out the fabric patterns for Mr. CleanMouth, I’ve gained a better understanding of my product as a 3D object. Hence, I began working on presenting my product by illustrating my design digitally. Using the skills developed from the face tracing assignment, I used the pen tool to illustrate the design of Mr. CleanMouth on Adobe Illustrator. I created an open-mouthed illustration for Mr. CleanMouth to show how the shoulder bag can be used.

(digital illustration of Mr. CleanMouth using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator)

Here is the final presentation poster for Mr. CleanMouth:

Throughout this project, I’ve gained a lot more experience with design development and refinement. I can successfully create a design that is beneficial and appropriate to a target audience. Considering the limitation of materials due to the coronavirus pandemic as well as my lack of sewing skills, I was not able to produce a full prototype for my product. If possible, I could have cut up a stuffed animal and modified it to resemble my design idea.