Elements & Principles in Graphic Design: Bookmarks

  • Elements and principles of design are the fundamental building blocks of design used to create any successful design.
  • In this (small) unit, we explored the design elements and principles in graphic design. Upon discussing each term and their definitions, we collected examples for each principle and element. Students were then assigned each with an element or principle of design and were asked to create a bookmark that demonstrates its description.
  • I was assigned with the design principle — texture. Texture is often used to describe a tactile surface: how will a surface feel when you touch it. In my bookmark designs, I imitate the shiny metalic texture in the first design. The second design is a colored version of the first design. The combination of pink and yellow creates an iridescent effect the represents a reflective surface.

One thought on “Elements & Principles in Graphic Design: Bookmarks

  1. Hi Angela, your bookmark is excellent! A thoughtful and beautiful response to the principle texture. Thanks for your lovely work, as always : )

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