Qualities of An Effective Ensemble Member

  1. To be a risk-taker: willing to be open-minded to new things/ideas
  2. Positive and Energetic: have a good attitude towards everything
  3. Aware and in control: observe how your actions impact other people
  4. Focused: concentrate on what you’re doing
  5. Active listener: find out how you can cooperate with other people’s ideas into yours
  6. Cooperative and collaborative: work alongside your peers
  7. Efficient: use your time wisely
  8. Leaders & followers: know when it is your turn to step up or step back
  9. Positively critical and able to act on that criticism: constructive criticism/ positive feedback

My challenges:

For me, the two most challenging qualities areĀ being a risk-taker and being positive and energetic.

I enjoy being quiet and being in my comfort zone. They’re some of the main contributing factors to my personality. As a visual artist, these factors often come off as beneficial; they allow me to stay focused on my artwork and be an independent learner. I am fearful of failure and embarrassment. Being quiet put me in a position that avoids public attention and I feel safe. The only times where I feel inclined to experiment and be dramatic is in front of intimate friends or family. I hope through taking this course, I can become more willing to challenge myself and be brave enough to take risks and be expressive.

It is easy for me to fall into the pit of harsh self criticism, frustration and eventually give up on a difficult task. This happens all the time when I am creating artworks. I want to do everything as best as I can and push my limits to reaching perfection. But like any normal human, I often fail. When it happens, I am keen to giving up and starting something new altogether. It is an unproductive habit that I’ve developed due to my fear of failure. At the end, I am left with a pile of unfinished work and a heap of negative emotions risen from self doubt. I am respectful of others, but dislike myself. I recognize the harm this causes to my mental wellness, and I am motivated to become more confident about my talents and allow myself to stumble over mistakes.

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