Character Overview – Slash, Slash!!!

WHO AM I: Pippa Vanderway

  • Appearance: Glasses, pigtails, freckles, paint-splattered overall
  • Personality: talks a lot and in a terrible British accent
  • Innocent, energetic
  • Determined to fulfill her mother’s death bed wish by becoming a horror movie-style serial killer, however, despite her effort, Pippa…
  • Fails at everything, including becoming a horror movie serial killer
  • Pippa has poor self-esteem that can easily be hurt
  • Pippa enjoys naps but is not a fan of blood or death
  • Likes to skip instead of walk
  • Has a rare genetic disorder of throwing anything in her hands when she is scared
  • Doesn’t actually want to kill people

WHAT TIME IS IT: Summer night-time, most likely a summer holiday.

WHERE AM I: A campsite at an old summer camp that has been closed for years after “accident.”

WHAT SURROUNDS ME: Woods, trees, camping gears. Sarcastic, egotistical, narcissistic, and sassy teenagers. And soon to be dead bodies of teenagers who Pippa killed accidentally.

GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES/RELATIONSHIPS: Pippa’s father left the family when Pippa was young, leaving Pippa with her mother, who loved breakfast cereal (especially corn flakes). Pippa’s mother died the morning of the day the play is occurring, leaving her daughter a letter and a gurgly sentence that Pippa assumed to be a wish for her daughter to become a horror movie-style serial killer. Hence Pippa set out a goal to fulfill her mother’s death bed wish and came to murder teenagers with her bedazzled machete. However, Pippa fails at purposely killing her victims. Instead, three teenagers die accidentally during their interaction with Pippa.

WHAT DO I WANT: To impress and not fail mother, also to fulfill her deathbed wish by becoming a horror movie-style serial killer.

WHAT IS IN MY WAY: Pippa’s clumsiness, accidentally causing people to die and Pippa’s inability to intentionally and purposefully kill people horror movie style.

WHAT DO I DO TO GET WHAT I WANT: Marvin and Sasha attempted to teach Pippa how to kill people like a horror movie serial killer. Pippa read the letter that her mother gave her and realizes she does not want her to become a serial killer.

PROPS: Bedazzled machete, stick, letter