Product Redesign

My idea for this project is to create soap packaging that is less disposable and can be reused or repurposed.

As the COVID-19 pandemic reaches its third year, the demand for sanitization products is inevitably growing. Most soap packaging we see on the market are either plastic-wrapped, paper-wrapped, or cardboard-boxed. These packaging methods are not only unsustainable, but they also do not serve any purpose for the user experience. The packaging, in most cases, is merely a disposable item that serves its purpose of holding product descriptions until it is bought and never cared for again. I want to create a multipurpose soap packaging that can be used as a soap dish and reused with other products in the future.

My soap packaging redesign is reusable, portable, and more eco-friendly. Rubber is the main material used to create this design. It is a flexible material that doesn’t break or tear easily. The soap will come inside the hand-shaped soap dish, which can be opened through the zipper on the back of the hand. The finger gaps on the palm of the hand will allow water to filter through when used as a soap dish.