The Boxer Walk

I think the foreign missionaries didn’t deserve such bad reputation, because their objective was to bring their own product and religions into China, and making it a better nation by influencing them and improving their technology. In a way, the foreigners brought a positive impact to China, the Boxers, however, misunderstood their true purpose, seeing them as a threat to their own culture and nation, wanting to expel them from China through violence.

School Trip Summary

On September 11th, our school went on a trip to Shimenshan Park in Beijing, it was a great opportunity for us the students to learn and explore more about nature but also develop friendship and communication between the students. In this trip, I really enjoyed the Via Ferrata experience, to view the mountains from walls, it was truly amazing. But the real group works comes from the raft building activity. We were being split into small group to build a raft out of ropes, bamboos and barrels, being a part of the group, it required our creativity to come up with a possible design of the raft with the materials given, we all had to take on the responsibility of preventing the raft to collapse in the water. Working in a group built our communication and collaboration with other students to complete the challenge and achieve the goal. I really enjoyed the trip.