Goals 2017-2018

Academic Goal:  I will try to improve my mathematics grades and learn more skills; I will also be try to improve my English grammar and vocabulary

I will actively work towards this goal by focusing more on these subjects and practice by doing different activities and questions based on them

Trimester 1 Reflection: Through out this trimester, I have done quite a lot of writing in humanities lesson, it was a  great practice for my writing skills, I think my English definitely improved in some places, but I will continue with hard work.

Trimester 2 Reflection:

Wellness Goal: I will try to improve my efficiency

I will actively work towards this goal by trying to make a plan for my study/learning times and manage my time better, this way I would be able to have more time to read books or rest

Trimester 1 Reflection:

Trimester 2 Reflection:

Personal Goal: I will try to participate more in different activities and be more engaged into the social community

I will actively work towards this goal joining more clubs/ASAs, this helps me improve my academy goals in a way, i will be getting use to new environments, learn to work + communicate with different people and achieve more and greater things

Trimester 1 Reflection: I joined the knitting enrichment, HFH and cooking ASA, I really enjoyed my time in the knitting enrichment, not only did I learn a new skill, I have also find myself having

Trimester 2 Reflection:d


Mid-Year Goal Reflection: I have achieved most of my goals, and I will continue working towards them in the rest of the school year